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This web site helped me pass the nclex PN exam, but I have failed the Nclex RN 3 time now and I don't know what to do. I need a private tutor but I don't even have the money to pay for a private... Read More

  1. by   iheartNICU89
    Congrats!! Please send me the material I'm preparing for the nclex. My email is

    Thanks and God Bless!
  2. by   harpreetk
    Hey guys I failed the nclex twice I really need to pass that exam if any body can help me with notes or tell me what to study for the first time I used kaplan Saunders hurst I don't know what to study now plz help me ;(
  3. by   Anyuta
    Quote from ailes08
    Dont give up! i failed 3 times too and the 4th time I passed!!! just found 1 week ago! Used Kaplan and ATI but didnt work for me. Some of my classmates recommended NCSBN and that totally helped me. First i read the Saunders 5th ED. book twice from front to back, then reviewed notes from random people ( ill forward it to you give me your email), then I took the NCSBN 3 wk review course, I also practised La Charity Prioritization book. You can do it!!! I did it! you can too!!! good luck!!!
    I would appreciate it if you sent me the notes also: Thank you!
  4. by   vnickor
    Quote from harpreetk
    Hey guys I failed the nclex twice I really need to pass that exam if any body can help me with notes or tell me what to study for the first time I used kaplan Saunders hurst I don't know what to study now plz help me ;(
    Hi, I would continue studying Kaplan if you can. It's really amazing. Plus buy the PDA by lacharity. I think these two combined are very powerful to pass NCLEX..

  5. by   kramos007
    I'm sure its nerve-wracking to take the test 3 times. I can't imagine being in your shoes. I used Kaplan and Saunders, but you said you have already used both and know all the questions.
    I also used the NCLEX and HESI study guides that I founf on this website. It went over basics labs and main points for certain disorders. I recommend double checking all values with your books because some of them were wrong.
    Do as many questions as you possibly can; I did about 3500 Qs before my NCLEX.
    Try going back to the basics, use the decision tree from Kaplan, and try not to over think what the questions is asking. Dont think "what if this" or "what if that". Whatever info they give you, is what is needed to answer the question.
    For priority questions, think, "If there is only ONE thing I can do for this patient to save his/her life or to make the best possible outcome, what would it be?"
    Also think what would be the outcome for the answer that you have selected.
    The problem that I had when I began studying was that I would read too fast through the questions. I practiced WRITING the main point of the question, and what the outcome would be for each answer.
    In the NCLEX, even if you dont answer all 265 by the time the 6 hr mark hits, they only count the last 60 questions, so take your time; breathe through each question, take your breaks, and if you feel overwhelmed, take a small break, or just close your eyes for a minute and refocus.
    These are some of the things that I did to overcome the monster named "NCLEX RN"

    Good luck! and I hope you can find a study partner and pass the next time you take the test!
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  6. by   Empressk
    This is my second time failing nclex. Firsrt time I had a lot going on in my life at the time that makes me stressed me out. The second, I studied Saunder CD and NCSBN. On top of this, I work four nights per week and I barely sleep during the day; 3-4 hours the most sometimes none. I have a two years old and is married. My mom tried to help me the best way she can to babysit. Am very devasting and depress right now. All my classmates took theirs and pass. I reach to the point where I want to quit my job or cut down my hours to two nights. I really need some advice on how to tackle this test the third time around. Anything that can help please share.. Thank you
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  7. by   Amski
    Hello! I'm also struggling to pass nclex & i need some help. I read your comments. It was encouraging & give me motivation. Thanks!
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  8. by   kaysc00
    Quote from harpreetk
    Hey guys I failed the nclex twice I really need to pass that exam if any body can help me with notes or tell me what to study for the first time I used kaplan Saunders hurst I don't know what to study now plz help me ;(
    My advice is to take multiple practice tests and when you are consistently passing those...then re-schedule..your wasting your money and time if you don't...its all about how you answer the questions..most have multiple right answers, but which one is the most correct..go with your gut..usually its right. I passed both NCLEX (LPN & RN) the first time with the minimum amount of questions because my school drilled in to us how to answer these types of class had a 100% pass rate the first time...
  9. by   Empressk
    Thank you for your advice. I've decided to change things around to make time for me to study. I will post my progress and my results next time.
  10. by   annamia
    congrats!!i took my exam last 3/7 and 3 days after i tried the PVT and it went through the CC page but still i am hoping that i could pass the exam...would you care to share your notes?? my email is tnx so much ur help would be greatly appreciated..
  11. by   najahyarab
    I failed the nclex RN once so far. I need lot of prayers now since I'm scheduled to take mine on 10/8. please pray for me. I really scared.

  12. by   swansonplace
    I used Kaplan and it was confusing for me. I did better using Hurst, Feuer, ATI, and Davis RN Success. I primarily listened to content from 1 source as it would be confusing otherwise, Feuer. Where my scores were low, I used Hurst if I could not get it with Feuer. For testing my knowledge, I used ATI. Since I had ATI in school, I did practice questions in weak areas with Davis RN Success which is an excellent book. The key is to understand basic core concepts, what are the side effects, nursing interventions, and safety measures a nurse must be aware for major diseases and major drugs.

    When I found a weak area which I found by having a low test score in that area, depending on how low I would relisten to content, and then take test questions specific to the area I was weak on. I did this until I was able to get a consistent passing score. Then I retested the whole area again on ATI to make sure I had a passing score. When I relistened to the content, I defined words I did not understand, watched videos to see what was being discussed, drew pictures, and did practice quizzes to learn in an interactive matter.

    I did this for each and every weak area. That is an area that showed below a certain percentage. I broke my areas down the same way I learned them med surg, ob, peds, psych, and pharm. I checked for overall content low areas, and also for nclex breakdown by subject matter.
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  13. by   Taline
    Im so bummed I have taken my test three times and have failed now I have waited a year to try to take it the forth time. I am petrified!