Failed NCLEX PN - page 2

Today I was excited because the results have actually came for 3 weeks of agonizing wait. But when I open it i saw that I did not passed the test. My whole world came falling down. It is very sad for... Read More

  1. by   ArielleLVN
    do you know if we can see resoult on ca bvn webside?
  2. by   BabyRN2Be
    Corpsman, I'm very sorry to hear that you failed. And it sounds like you are in a tough spot to boot. I hope that you do not give up on this; yes, it's a very hard test but you CAN do it.

    I hope that you start studying soon, so that you can ace it the next time. In case you didn't know, the moderator of this forum, Suzanne4, has a designed a study program for the NCLEX-RN and PN. Send her a PM, tell her what kind of test you are taking (the NCLEX-PN), if this is not your first try, tell her what you were using to study before. She'll email you her study plan, so include your email address as well. So many people who have been in your position pass the NCLEX following her plan... and it's free!

    Best of luck to you! Don't give up, OK?
  3. by   ernbabjr
    Oh well dont loose hope "Failure is success if we learn from it". And I know God has a better plan, i should say "best' so keep it up...
  4. by   kp01
    Sorry to hear about that I feel you pain as well I failed myself I found out today when I used the quick results. I cried like a little baby. But I will pass the second time around. I will just apply myself for the worst this time. I think that I was in a bit of a safe mode. You do your best as well.
  5. by   Draven1872
    I am sorry to hear that but hey I am in the same boat as you and failed the first time around. I am in due process for my 2nd attempt and will try Suzanne's plan. Best wishes and keep your head up. Never give up! =)