Failed NCLEX; passed with U World (2018 - page 2

ATTENTION!!!!! NURSING STUDENTS!! NEW GRADS!!!! ANYONE WHO HAS FAILED NCLEX!!! IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!!!!!! I graduated from nursing school in December of 2017. I receive my ATT to test January 6th... Read More

  1. by   Bkwalker
    Yes, I heard Hurst is good for those who lack content information! However, don't get discouraged! Everything will indeed workout in due time! Don't give up and give up and give it all you got!
  2. by   Nursingsoon
    Hi Bkwalker- took test on Oct 4th after doing uworld- I ran out of time at 170 questions and got near passing in all subjects. I "thought" I would finish near 75 and when I didn't it made it worse and it was like so many horror stories I have read. I really had to try to just calm down and focus. I did Uworld 50's/60's and last 75 questions I did, 80%. I am not sure what went wrong but I am ready to re-take it. I know I was really really nervous and I felt like in so many that it was like an eye test- "which is better, a or b" and then having to choose one but having a hard time. I kept looking a the clock but at that point I was in slow motion. I would really appreciate any help/insight.
    When I left I felt like I totally bombed (many things I felt like I had never heard of) and thought if I didn't pass, I wouldn't know where to even start as I did study, so I guess the good news is I was close to passing" but that really isn't quantifiable to me.
    Thanks in advance
  3. by   FutureRN00
    How is hurst vs uworld not sure where to begin as I recently took nclex and failed this week. When and where do I begin to study again??? Is hurst expensive