failed nclex-advice please

  1. Hi everyone, my name is Jennifer, i am new here. I graduated with my bsn in may, and waited until december 21st to take the nclex. It shut off at 75 questions and i failed...guess that means i really bombed it. very depressed and embarrassed. i have to wait 90 days to re-test, so i made up a plan and would like some feedback from people who have passed as to whether this is a good plan. i really feel like i need to review basically everything, so my plan is- for the first two months read every chapter in saunders comprehensive review for nclex-rn (have already started-at ch.25), then in the third month do as many questions as possible and review a lot of meds and index cards i have made from reading the book. does this sound like a good plan? does anyone have any advice? all feedback very much appreciated!

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  3. by   Achoo!
    You may want to check out the posts on " Suzannes plan". She has helped many people pass NCLEX. Her approach is with the Saunders book as well so it may be a great avenue for you to try. Good luck!
  4. by   rags
    It took me 3 times before I finally passed. It happens. The computer stopping at 75 means nothing about your knowledge or you ability to be a nurse. REMEMBER THAT! I could simply mean you don't know yet how to answer the NCLEX questions. The first time I had the max questions, second time 75 (or really close, wasn't exactly watching...) and third time 75 (for sure, because I just sat their going... NO! Don't give up on me!!! I want MORE questions!!!)... anyway...

    I highly recommend using variety of study books and don't get caught up on any one topic. Do the quizzes at the end of each chapter (prior to reading it) and see how you do. I did that and read the chapters for the quizzes I scored lower than 80% on. I would do 2-3 chapters at a time then go back and read. That way I didn't have the questions and answers still in memory. If I still did poorly on the quiz I read the same topic in another book and took the quiz in it (I used Exam Cram-RN and LOVED IT!!!). I would also get my hands on a Kaplan NCLEX book. It is wonderful for explaining the Exam its self and helping you read and answer the NCLEX questions. Even the one's that are not familiar topics you can generally work your way through them after reading this book.

    I would suggest doing NCLEX questions on a regular basis so they get more and more familiar to you. Don't put too much on your results of a comprehensive practice test just yet, just do the chapt quizzes or use a CD that also separates everything for you (the EXAM CRAM-RN comes with a wonderful CD program as well as a tear out study aide sheet).

    Trust me... if anyone knows how you feel about not passing the NCLEX it would me. Try to keep your stress level and self doubt in check! That too is very important. You really CAN pass this thing. And really doesn't have much bearing on what type of nurse you are going to be or what you know about nursing... just how you apply what you know to the NCLEX. And THAT can be adjusted!!!

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. OR if you just want to vent, I can handle that too. I'm pulling for you and wish you all the luck in the world! You can do this! Remember that!

  5. by   JennyMac
    thanks so much for your replies, achoo and rags. rags, i was wondering, do you know if they sell Exam Cram at barnes and noble? so i can see if it looks right for me... and thanks so much for your encouragement, I'll keep what you said in mind--it's nice to hear a successful story from someone who was in my position!
  6. by   rags
    Yes they due JennyMac. They actually have both books. I had the review book but thought about purchasing the Q&A book as well because I liked the other so much. The one I had is simply a review with practice quizzes at the end of the chapters and give lots of helpfull hints throughout the book. It has a nice format for quick reading and is packed with information in a way that made it easy to remember. For example: The chapter on Pharmacology was wonderful at breaking drug downs by catagory (anithypertentinsive, Beta Blockers, Ace Inhibitors, etc...) and gave hits as to how to remember them. It is also a nice size to keep with you unlike most of the NCLEX review books.

    Here's a link:

    Amazon sells the books as well. I actually bought mine at Hastings.

    Remember, YOU CAN DO THIS!

  7. by   rags
    I might add... after I tested the 3rd time I was so absolutely convinced that I had again failed the NCLEX I called the BON in my state as well as my boss and asked for information on testing for an LPN license until I could successfully obtain my RN license.

    I found out I had actually passed when I called the 800# for license varification of medical professionals. I was calling from work to prove to one fo the nurses I was working with that I actually DID NOT pass and would not be listed. I was so shocked to hear my name (starting with RN) that I hung up and dialed it again so she could listen and tell me if she heard the same thing I had.
  8. by   Leilah75_RN
    i have failed once as well and preparing for the next test at the moment. it wasnt a very good experience. i am being paranoid sometimes that even tho my family and friends doesnt say a thing i know behind their minds lies a lil negative comment about the test. i always been excellent in school and in practice, i just dont know how to tickle my brain when it comes to test taking. sigh... anyways, at the moment, i am trying to relax, not to cram, reading every detail and making sure i understand them. i am working on a plan. so hopefully when i finish with saunders i will be able to answer more questionaires and read rationales. i get my strenght now from my previous mistakes with nclex testing. i used the bad experience constructively, never do it again:P hopefully with it i will gain more confidence.

    goodluck to both of us.
  9. by   rags
    leilah75, I think 'understanding' the information as well as the NCLEX format is the most beneficial way to study. You're going to be fine! Just because you failed to pass it the first time doesn't mean you are going to be a bad nurse or that you don't understand the information needed for nursing. It simply means you had trouble figuring out the NCLEX itsself.

    Trust me... I completely understand! Don't look for hidden messages from your family and friends. I am sure they are 100% behind you and believe in your abilities. It is added stress you really don't need!

    Good luck to you!

  10. by   Leilah75_RN
    aye. thanks ragz.