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took the exam today but honestly saying i failed the exam. Am so desperate and down now dont know wht to do.......God help me... Read More

  1. by   Amanda.RN
    Everyone always thinks they failed when they walk out. Wait until the results are available before you jump to conclusions and get upset. Please keep us posted when you find out!
  2. by   Freddie86
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    how many questions did you have to answer? i am taking it in 2 days i'm so scared
    i took 88 question
  3. by   Freddie86
    thy sey pvt works and it has taken me to the credit card page will pay for the exam again tom when find out
    Quote from Amanda.RN
    Everyone always thinks they failed when they walk out. Wait until the results are available before you jump to conclusions and get upset. Please keep us posted when you find out!
  4. by   Freddie86
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    I did 75 questions with 15-20 SATA, some drugs, priority and 1 exhibit. What study guides are you using?
    please send me the nclex 4000 link
  5. by   NaeMK
    I have heard many people say that they don't think Kaplan is a good preparation for the NCLEX. So I know there are a lot of mixed reviews out there but I would recommend the Virtual ATI offered by ATI. I used it to study for my NCLEX and thought that the questions were immensely comparable. They aren't extremely wordy like Kaplan's questions tend to be. If your willing to spend the money its a great review course. Many of my classmates utilized it and have all successfully passed their NCLEX. If you need any other information about ATI just let me know. Good Luck on your future exam! You just have to keep reminding yourself that you can do this!!
  6. by   Me2006
    This is the link for NCLEX 4000. Its free, you can download it
  7. by   Freddie86
    Well let me sey this I just have to recoperate and accept tht I didn't make it....but I ask my God y me...buts ok will calm down do the process again and study more hope next time I will make's doable just have to give it a shot again......
  8. by   DebanamRN
    Don't beat yourself up. Its done. Time to move forward. I've had some spectacular failures and it's hard. My best advice is to only study what you don't know. I copy out the questions and answers about stuff I don't know and don't worry about the rest. I'm currently studying for the certified emergency nursing boards, which is like an nclex just for er nursing. I passed the PN and RN this way. Most of all calm down, you are clearly freaking out. You are allowed to freak but then have to move forward. Trust me on this one, I've failed tests, got kicked out of traditional nursing school, failed my CPNE for my RN (see EXcelsior college) and was fired from my last job last June. And I'm still here. Feel free to pm me with any questions.
  9. by   elmojklmno
    @me2006: Thank you.
  10. by   Me2006
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    @me2006: Thank you.
    You are welcome!! Glad I could help!!!
  11. by   matina80
    Does anyone have the NCLEX4000 for a MAC? It downloaded but wouldn't open on Mine. TIA!
  12. by   newgrad16
    First time I didn't pass I had Kaplan prep integrated into my school program..I did everything they said and was meeting their scores and didn't pass the first time 265 questions in 5.5 hours. It was the worst feeling ever. I was then super motivated and I made sure I would pass the second time and I did with 75 questions in 2 hours in 15 min. This is what I did to study:

    1. Kaplan for time management all qbanks, question trainers, sample q banks. Also used their review of questions videos on how to attack questions (not the review of content videos-did that first time around and didnt help me)
    2. Used Saunders Comprehensive for a content review of my weak areas and did some questions at the end of the chapters if I was weak in those areas
    3. Exam Cram (5 tests) found it online for know it or you don't questions aka content -easy questions
    4. Saunders Q and A review- goof for content, practacing SATA, and how to order questions
    5. PDA by la Charity for priority questions

    In general, I went over wrong and right answers for all tests. I made a document broken up by content sections with notes of what I didn't get right and I looked them up in Saunders Comprehensive and added some details to my notes.

    I broke up each week by content area going from largest percentage. of care to psych. I did about 150 questions a day or more when I did tests. I did a total of about 6500 questions and focused on my weak areas. I also had my bf change my FB password until after the exam-seeing my classmates pass and getting jobs didn't help my self-esteem and help me focus.

    No matter how much you review, you will never know everything-you just have to use your common sense and judgement when attacking the exam and make sure you take YOUR TIME. I shut off my timer and counter so I could be less anxious and I took breaks (unscheduled and scheduled) when I was getting restless...I went to the bathroom and washed my face w/cold water. I also kept repeating "my name, RN" to myself the day before the test, before I went to bed, and during the test. When I got anxious during the test, I closed my eyes and pictured seeing my name on the BRN website.

    I hope this helps. You can do it!!!
  13. by   2013rn2BScorpio
    Have you retested