Failed NCLEX - page 3

I just paid for the quick review and found I failed the NCLEX. I took it May 4, I'm honestly at a loss for what to use to study for the next time. I have Kaplan and NCLEX Mastery RN and clearly... Read More

  1. by   KrCmommy522
    It is copyrighted information that we are not allowed to give on here. They close threads when people ask since its in their rules not to share copyrighted materials. Sorry!
  2. by   dorkiexcici
    is there a way for me to buy the mark klimer's audio? can anyone pm me please?
  3. by   PearlRN7
    Do you think you can email me the yellow book? I recently took my nclex and failed it so I am looking for another way to studyz
  4. by   PearlRN7
    Did you have the blue and yellow book to the Mark Klimek's lectures? If you do do you think you can email it to me?