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I just paid for the quick review and found I failed the NCLEX. I took it May 4, I'm honestly at a loss for what to use to study for the next time. I have Kaplan and NCLEX Mastery RN and clearly... Read More

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    Is it possible to PM me the information as well? Thank you audio
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    I failed my NCLEX twice already. I read your comments and you suggested some good tips. I want to try Mark Klimek audio. where can I get those?
    If you reply I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you.

    Quote from KrCmommy522
    I would suggest finding the Mark Klimek audios. The actual class is expensive, but the audios are really good. He lays things out in a really easy to understand way and gives you principles to answer questions. The way he lays out the info is really helpful.

    Aside from purchasing a review course. Look at how you studied the first time. Did you read EVERY rationale - right and wrong. You need to answer AS MANY QUESTIONS AS POSSIBLE every day. Then, make sure that you read EVERY rationale - the right and wrong ones. You need to read to find out why the correct answer is correct, and why the others were wrong. Also, very important is to pay attention to what it states the key word was. It is important to be able to identify the key word or subject of the question - because it will help you answer it correctly.

    I really liked Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN. In the answer section, it provides the correct answer. Then, it provides a good rationale, explaining why the correct answer was correct and why the other options were wrong. It also makes points to state to focus on the subject of the question, and states what it is in the rationale in case you were focusing on the wrong subject of the question - this will help you know whether or not you were focusing on the wrong subject, and if you were, how to figure out what the right subject is. It also points out options that you can be eliminated because they are comparable or alike. It also provides test-taking strategy that you can use to come up with the answer (e.g., like eliminating options because they are comparable or alike). It is really helpful to always read the entire rationale and test-taking strategy for each and every question - whether you got it right or wrong. Even if you got it right, you might learn something you didn't know or learn a test strategy that you didn't know about, etc. I think its one of the best resources.

    The book "Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment" by Lacharity is really good! It helps you answer those types of questions.

    "Lippincott NCLEX-RN Alternate-Format Questions". It comes with a code you can use to answer the questions online or use the book. It's really good if you have issues answering alternate format types of questions.

    Aside from paying attention to the keyword/subject of the question, I would say probably the MOST IMPORTANT thing when learning to answer NCLEX questions is learning principles and being able to apply those principles. The most important thing is to make sure you know the basic principles. Don't try to memorize everything. NCLEX is testing you on how well you basic principles. NCLEX is not testing to see how well you memorized the list of S&S for this med, or the list of S&S for acidosis. You need to know the basic principles, so you can generate the list for yourself based on that. NCLEX is a NATIONAL test, so they have to make the questions fair no matter what book, school, etc. someone went to. Therefore, they can't write questions based on some list out of one of the NCLEX prep books (e.g., Kaplans). The only way to do this is to write questions based on principles to see if the person can generate the answers from the principles. Mark Klimek helps teach this. The audios are a really good way to go instead of paying for an expensive course. But really, just answering a ton of questions can teach you the principles as well.

    So, say a question on the NCLEX says that a pt has acidosis, what S&S will the pt exhibit? Select all that apply. They are testing you on a principle. What principle are they testing? That in an acidotic environment, chemical reactions cease. So, everything shuts down. You aren't supposed to memorize all the S&S. You are supposed to be able to apply the principle. So, when a question asks you about S&S of acidosis, you know the principle - in an acidotic environment, chemical reactions cease. So, everything shuts down. In other words, as the pH goes down, the pt will go down too (e.g., lethargy, bradypnea, bradycardia, etc.). So, instead of trying to memorize different things, focus on learning the basic principles. Focus on answering as many practice questions as you can EVERY day, and reading ALL the rationales so you can learn the reasons for the answers. Reading the rationales should also help you learn the basic principles and how to break down questions to figure out the answer.
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    checkout as it helped you.
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    I just took my NCLEX May 8th and found out today in the mail I passed. I would recommend buying Exam Cram practice Questions book I bought it at Barnes N Nobles $38 that's all I used and my schools ATI program .
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    I graduated with my BSN in December of 2017. My school used Kaplan exams. I received my ATT and scheduled the NCLEX a week before my wedding!! ( I shouldnt have done this!) I was completely stressed out and focused on my wedding, my sister went into labor a day before my exam, and my grandmother went into the hospital the week of my exam. I shouldve taken this as a sign to not take nclex. I couldnt focus at all on the exam. I didnt get much studying in needless to say, but I still went for it. I only used Kaplan to study. Nclex took me to all 265 questions!! (so apparently I was borderline), but I failed.
    I felt horrible, embarrassed, and like a failure. All through school and college I was a straight A student (or pretty close), until nursing school. I was not one of the strongest in my class by no means. I actually had to review and study materials (and I was still confused when it came to the exams)..... Long story short, I got married, took my honeymoon and came back ready to tackle the test again.
    Basically everyone in my class said they used Uworld to study. So I bought it and started at it. I ended up doing about 800 questions prior to taking nclex. I reviewed all the Qbank questions (regardless if I got it right or wrong). I split my tests into increments of 10-20 questions. I didnt get burned out this way and I could review each question (I had it in tutor mode). I did the self assessment a few days prior to my exam and got borderline. I went over things the day/night before and the day of. They say not to, but it kept me calm and relaxed so I did it! I took NCLEX again on May 9th and PASSED! This time it took me to just 75 questions. I felt so prepared with Uworld, it was exactly identical to NCLEX.
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    Could you please forward me the Mark Klimek lectures as well?
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    Could you please send me the audios?
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    Congratulations on passing your NCLEX RN. You are officially an RN and I'm sure you feel so proud. So basically it took 6 days for you to receive the results via local mail. Have you checked the breeze website or the NSBN license verification website if your name is already in there? Which one comes first, the mail or on the websites? I took mine on May 12 but up to now I have no official word except I got the good pop up when I did the Pearson Due trick. I'm still so nervous as I await the results of my NCLEX-RN which is taking so long. Is there anybody who tested around the same time as me?
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    I passed NCLEX RN last week..Apple RN helped me a lot to achieve this sucess..i am proudly says about apple rn.. visit AppleRN NCLEX RN Coaching classes Online and feel the is very easy to understanding..and enjoy the webinars freely....go and write the exam with full confidence through apple rn..becose mam Anila is very supportive and motivative..she is very helpful to learn the vast topics in a simple manner.
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    Quote from Stephsteez08
    I just took my NCLEX May 8th and found out today in the mail I passed. I would recommend buying Exam Cram practice Questions book I bought it at Barnes N Nobles $38 that's all I used and my schools ATI program .
    Hi please which edition of the Exam cram did you buy. I just bought the most recent whic is the fifth editon. I want to know if you finished the online or hust the questons in the book, and did you see similar topics and how was the questions in comparison to the nclex. Thanks, any input will be much appreciated.
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    I'm currently studying for my third attempt and I was wondering where did you find the Mark Klimek audios? I can't seem to find it anywhere? I'm currently doing the ncsbn learning extension program and I'm looking for something to supplement it.
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    I will be taking the NCLEX at the end of the month would you be able to PM me about the audios as well? Thanks so much!