EXAM CRAM-CD {passes percentage}

  1. hey everyone...
    i have questions to those who are using ; had used the exam cram nclex cd---how many items are on this cd?? as far as i'm reviewing now, its 369. it has 3 passes on history and i just finished the first 75% pass...do i need to complete 100 % on this stage to move to the next 85% and will it have new sets of questions??? coz i just keep having the same question over and over,,,,{or does it says crammaster;need to master everything}

    thanks for any reply! god bless!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    No instructions within? How about a booklet that came with the CD? Look for an 800 number to call if you can't figure it out with the CD in use. I hate it when material is supposed to be user friendly but I still can't figure it out.
  4. by   dontra07
    It has 1,250 questions, 5 sets with 250 questions each. You can choose the set you want at the top of the page the search portion. The 5 sets will appear once you click it at the search portion of the page. Hope it helps. It happens to me also, for a week just repeating same 250 questions. lol... Goodluck!!!