Drug questions on NCLEX-PN?

  1. What's your experience been? Clearly this is smething to work out before the NCLEX-RN, but I stink at memorizing meds. How many questions about drugs are there? Are they typically drug specific or do they focus on categories?
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  3. by   csoultz
    Its been about about a year and a half since Ive taken my boards. I honestly dont remember a lot of drug questions on there. I mean dont get me wrong there was definately some there though. My best advice is study your pediatric sections well. Ill tell you the best thing my teacher told me, if you walk out crying, you probably passed!
  4. by   St_Claire
    I took the PN a year ago in March. I had one drug question and it was a specific drug. It was one I had never heard of and I told myself to remember it so I could look it up when I came out of the test but of course I forgot it almost immediately. I had no other questions even remotely related to drugs. I passed with 85 questions.
    I took the RN test a week ago Tuesday and I had two drug questions, again they were drugs I never heard of and they were names that didn't give a hint. By that I mean they didn't end in olol or pine or something that would have helped me figure it out. I just did best guess.
    To be honest, I did not study drugs for either test. I worked as an LPN for a year before taking the RN and I passed a lot of meds. None of those were on the test.
  5. by   Tiramisu567
    Thank you guys so much!