Does this happen to anyone else!?

  1. So I'm taking the NCLEX in a week. I've reviewed Hurst, went through Kaplan classroom and have been doing the online coursework as well. I've done all the question trainers; I got a 60% on my diagnostic test and a 57% on my readiness, and did all the Q bank questions with a 58%. Sample exam #1 I got a 64 but on the second one I got in the I ready for this test? or is this really just luck of the draw here? Has anyone else felt their confidence break the week before the test? Would you reschedule your test or just go for it?
    Thanks for the help,

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  3. by   leanjess
    Hello Jackie!

    I'm not taking Kaplan review course, but I test in a week as well (16th to be precise). During the weekend, I had all type of discussions with myself trying to talk myself out of testing next I was scared and nervous. But as fate may have it, the nearest center to me, which I already scheduled for..had the whole of this month booked! I told myself there's no way on earth..I'm waiting another whole month of torture..just to study my eyeballs out! As for diagnostic tests and what not, I think it's better you "fail" it now,and see your mistakes by reading the rationales and stuff..and then use them in NCLEX to succeed! I myself having being doing La Charity and my scores ain't the greatest either, but I believe that I'm learning from all my mistakes. As someone on this site puts it: "You have been to Nursing school, you have the knowledge..just apply it. NCLEX is just another exam"

    I'm just gonna go in there next week, with great faith and praise in my heart. I will give it my best and let God decide my fate! I have been praying steadily for the past weeks, and I believe God will work great wonders in our lives.

    Just believe that God will DO it for you!! Have confidence, girl!

    WE ARE GOING TO OWN NCLEX, in His mighty name! Amen!
  4. by   jnurse84
    Good luck to you! I test July 11th-3 days away and just starting studying and learning labs but god is on our side so we both will do great! Have faith
  5. by   nurseG2012
    I wish each of you Luck on your upcoming NCLEX exam. I took my exam on 7/2/2012 after not having power for 3 days due to the storms. I used Kaplan, Lacharity, Saunders and the study guide on into the exam I felt as though I was not ready, but please remember you have all made it through nursing school and this to shall past. I completed my test in 44 minutes with only 75 ??'s .. I am truely blessed and you to will pass this test. God Bless my future professionals.
  6. by   jnurse84
    Congrats-see I was a whimp and did the lpn course and not RN but I'm attending RN school in jan---LVN to BSN when I pass this nclex on wed
  7. by   Jdellorso
    wow thank you so much for the advice. I'll keep you all in my prayers too. Hopefully by next monday I'll post on here saying I have the good pop up and then by next wednesday report back that I've passed!
  8. by   mayteb87
    Hello everyone.... I'm also testing on Monday the 16th and we have to be excited that soon we will be RNs in the name of our lord. Before we test we should say " Jesus I trust you" he will be with us. I took hurst review did my exams 66 to 88 on my exams, did Kaplan trainers ranging from 57-59 trainer 6-59 and 7-66 havent, readiness test 65%, Also doing la charity and getting on the 60s, only took 5 test from the q bank I have not review Pharm at all and I don't know my labs... Weak on OB. My friends took it and they say is mainly priority, teaching the staff and infection control (weak aswell lol) but still think we will make it..... I can't sleep and cry almost everyday, :'( had changed it to the 23rd but Im going crazy!!! Lol :P so i decided Its time to show the world we Will be great RNs!!!!!
  9. by   mayteb87
    If we don't make it.... It's fine!!! Think about it... I rather fail and grow in knowledge then pass by chance..... We are dealing with lives and we can't get a license if we are not ready! But I have faith we will be fine.... Kaplan exams are veryyyyyyyyy hard!!! Every time I take one I feel I will get only a 10% Lol....
  10. by   Jdellorso
    Hey everyone,
    I took my NCLEX at 8am this morning and I'm pleased to report after 75 questions, my exam ended! I checked pearsonvue and I get the good pop up. all good things! I def. passed
  11. by   mayteb87
    Me too... Took it at 8 am... Stopped at 75 and passed!!! Left the center smiling cause it was a veryyyy easy exam... People describe nclex as a killer and horrible exam but it's is NOT!!!! congrats!!!!
  12. by   Jdellorso