Does anyone know the rules to work as a nurse grad after taking the NCLEX?

  1. Hey all,
    I took the NCLEX like 2 weeks ago and unfortunately did not pass. Does this mean I don't qualify anymore to work as a nurse grad or is it hospital specific? I really don't want to regress to working as a CNA but I guess its my only choice until I can take the test again. Please help
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Those rules are generally established by your state board of nursing. They would be the best people to contact. In many states, once you fail the NCLEX, you immediately lose your eligibility to practice as a graduate nurse. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's something you want to check into right away so that you don't break any board rules.
  4. by   caroladybelle
    In most states, you lose all privileges to work as a grad nurse as soon as you are notified that you failed. You must IMMEDIATELY report this to the hospital in which you are employed as a GN. Some will permit you to work as a nurse assistant or tech, some will not.

    Please note the word IMMEDIATELY. It is against the law in most states to practice as a GN, for even a short period of time. If you are caught doing the "Oh, I was not notified/aware, etc., you will be found out and you may be barred from EVER working as a nurse, or barred from even testing for an extended period of time. Working as a GN, while withholding the fact that you failed Boards is taken very seriously.

    Sorry, if this sounds harsh but many states have discontinued even permitting "GN" status since the advent of computer testing, because of abuses of the GN status.

    GN status is an extremely limited privilege where it is still offered.
  5. by   ashley_michelle
    I graduated in May and took my boards in early June. Most of the kids in my class decided to ride out their 3 months as a GN and soak it up so they had more time to study. But, I decided to take mine early ( two weeks after I started at the hospital as a GN ) and failed. I was immediately demoted to a 'Nurse Intern.' I basically had the same role as a GN, but I just wasn't allowed to write focus notes and technically I wasn't allowed to give any meds. I could prepare them,etc.. but I wasn't supposed to actually give them to the patients. This role as a nurse intern was temporary ( 45 days until i was eligible to retest.) But, they did let me keep my benefits.. which I didn't think they would do. Gn's in WV make $20/hr and my pay was cut to $13/hr.. which wasn't soo bad.
    The nurse who I was with during this time wanted me to get the most out of this experience. He didn't want me to fall behind and not be ready when I finally did pass. He would do the inital assesment.. and then I would follow. And then I would go in separately and do my assessments the 2nd time around.. and if he felt he needed to 'recheck' anything.. he'd just go assess for himself. He would drill me on the meds.. making sure I knew what they were - and what they were used for. ( which by the way.. made me SO much more nervous than any instructor I had in nursing school ) But in the end, it was good. I"m glad he drilled me about everything from the meds to all the procedures that were going on.
    I would see if your hospital offers this position... I got so much experience out of it.. and saw so much more in those 2 months than I did in the 2 years of nursing school. I felt competent and ready to take on my own patients a few weeks into being on the floor.. but couldn't because I wasn't a GN or a RN.. But, I think this position was a blessing in disguise. I do NOT think I would have been ready to be on my own by the time my friends were going out by themselves for the first time a month ago.
    I just retook my boards for the second time friday and I"m still awaiting my results. Get the most out of any experience you do get.. even if it is as a CNA. You can pick up things and most nurses will come and get you to show you 'new' stuff. Good luck to you!!
  6. by   FutureNurse2B
    Thanks for the advice. Don't worry Im not employed at all right now. I was just wondering what I qualified for at this time. I appreciate the help tho.
  7. by   FutureNurse2B
    Also, when I do go and apply for a job at a hospital as a (CNA) or whatever, should I tell them that I've taken the NCLEX and failed or should I just leave that out and apply for the job as if I'm a regular CNA. I just feel a little bit humiliated that I didn't pass and I feel like it makes me look bad if I'm applying for a job and they see that I didn't pass my boards. I don't want them to look at me as if I'm not cut out for something as simple as a CNA job since I didnt pass. I guess I should just tell them everything right?
  8. by   ashley_michelle
    I would see if they offer the Nurse Intern position. Or maybe even a Nurse Extern.. which is the next step down from an intern at our hospital. But if they have one of those.. just explain your situation. The hospital I work for was SO willing to work with me and they didn't make me feel 'bad' or whatever about failing my boards. They told me time and time again that I would be surprised at how many nurses do fail their first time.. but being out on the floor you'd never be able to pick them out. But I would definitely tell them your situation.. most of the nurses are happy to help you in any way they can for you to get the best learning experience. I felt 'stupid' about failing my boards.. but I really think it was for the best... it was a nice, gradual transition. And hopefully if I passed on Friday I'll be back at work by this weekend and then I'll be on my own in a few weeks. But good luck.. hope everything works out.