do we need to manage time while taking nclex rn

  1. it is not well clear to me that do we need to keep an eye on time while appearing for nclex of my friend told me that she could not perform well due to short of time she had 265 question and unfortuntly she did not in cgfns we must allot one minute per question ,what all precaution one can take related to time factor, in nclex R.N. kindly suggest.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Depends on how comfortable that you feel with the material, it is computerized, and you cannot go onto the next question until the one that you are working on is completed. You do not have the booklet in front of you that you do with the CGFNS exam.

    You have quite a few hours to ge thru the exam, much more time than with the CGFNS exam. If you get only 64 questions, then you have considerable time for each question. You just go thru each question and then will get the next one, there is no reason to rush.