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Ok. Now I'm really frustrated. I was sitting in that room for over 3 hours and watching the questions count all the way to 265. I was the last person to leave. I'm not feeling very confident. I know... Read More

  1. by   captn_smallfry
    Absolutely! I had all 300 something questions... and 3 hours later... i passed! Keep in mind some people are randomly picked to take all, others it keeps going based on how they answer. Good Luck!
  2. by   mzjones6
    Yes. I got all 265 questions and I swore up and down I had failed. Like I was already trying to figure out when was the was soonest I could take it over because there was no way I had passed. Sure enough 2 days later, I was a registered nurse and got my license 2 days after that!! It really isn't in the number. I took mine at the end of October.
  3. by   emptybee
    Ahhhh....the 265 mystery! I really don't know why there's this misconception about getting all 265! Well, just like everyone else, I believed that if I got 265, I failed. Sure enough, on my test day, I got all 265!!

    6 agonizing days later....i passed!!!!

    It's nothing but a number!!D
  4. by   Bidwillty
    I did this with 10 in my group and 5 of us got 265 and we all passed the one person who had 75 questions is the only one who did not pass.
  5. by   BSNBJ
    Thank you all for somewhat easing my fears. I sat in the testing center for 4 hours, a nervous wreck, questioning what I was doing all to receive the 265. I just hope to god to I follow your (well most of your) success stories, for I don't know that I can do more days with mulitple hours of studying. I have an upset stomach with no appetite (and I am not an anxious person) because I honestly don't know how I could have done better, or better prepared myself for this exam..... Now I sit, upset, anxious in anticipation of my results on Saturday.... 2 Sleepless nights ahead
  6. by   rlkodi
    BSNBJ- what state did you take the test? I was able to call the Board of Nursing on the very next day and ask
    'if a license was issued' in my name. I live in Pa. got my results over the phone and didn't wait for quick results. I am pulling for you, keep us posted. Rlkodi
  7. by   EmilyLucille523
    My friend took all 265 questions for the full 6 hours and he passed and now works as an RN in the ER. So dreams can come true!
  8. by   BSNBJ
    Thank you guys for your optimism, I hope your right. It is just so nerve racking. Not to mention my husband pass boards last week so I feel like I should be able to too, however, I am now questioning all of that. I live in Iowa and I don't know that we can find out any other way than quick results because my husband didn't even get a liscense number until today and he took it May 27th, but I will keep that in mind, and appreciate the advice. If I don't find out tomorrow, I'll let you all know saturday, until then the anxiousness and anticipation remains
  9. by   rlkodi
    I was 100% positive I failed with 265. However, I DIDN't and you DIDN'T either. That test is goofy. I have been back to my old form after the test and now work in the critical care float pool (trauma,micu/sicu,burn,neuro science icu) graduated in Dec. I know plenty of people, besides me, in my class that got 265 and passed. The wait is the worst thing in the world, so I empathize with you. It is bringing back all those "I wish it were a dream" feelings.
  10. by   BSNBJ
    Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts. I learned this morning that even after taking all 265 questions and being in complete denial about even the idea of potentially passing, that I HAVE! I am an "unofficial" RN! I appreciate all of your thoughts of kindness~
  11. by   rlkodi
    I am soooo...... happy for you and know the feeling of that ton of bricks being lifted. Blaze on........
  12. by   chicago312
    This is an interesting way of looking at it and clearly a philosophy from a test prep company.

    You know this is the case for ANY computer adaptive test - the idea isn't your raw score but the difficulty level you achieved (or degressed to. ). The "computer" will always look at the last 75 questions you answered in order to pass or fail - that is the sequence of termination for the exam.

    No need to fret - just do your best. That's how the exam is designed and why it's better than a standardized format.

    Quote from geekgolightly
    I heard that if you are going all the way (taking all 265 questions) and the computer still hasn't decided if you meet the requirements or not, that at the end of the 265 questions, all the computer looks at are the last 75 questions you answered to make it's final decision. So it seems to be really important that especially for the last seventy five questions, if it looks as though youa re in it for the long haul, you might want to pay special attention.

    Can anyone second this? i heard this from a Kaplan rep.

    I take it in september. I'm CHICKEN!
  13. by   heather092800
    I couldnt imagine...Im stressing. Taking boards soon...