Desperate for help or a study group for the RN NCLEX

  1. Hi everyone,

    First of all congrats to those that passed their NCLEX!
    I just don't know where to ask for help, but here i am posting this thread and desperate for help or looking for a buddy/a study group to prepare for the test.. It hurts so much as i am writing this post, sadly i already took the test 4 times and all failed. I just don't know how to study i tried everything that i could possibly could.
    the first test i got 75 and failed..the last 3 i got 265 questions and failed all. i am so close to give it up, i sometimes told myself that maybe nursing is not my for me. But yet i had invested so much money and now i have no job but do a little job that pays very little just to pay for my test, my rent and student loan.

    here are what i have used.
    Quick Fact for Nclex

    I spent at least 12hrs a day to study, I watched ton of vids on youtube, watched all the vids on Kaplan, made ton of index cards/notes.. I asked for one one one NCLEX tutor which costs $100-150/hr. I can't afford to do that now. All my friends are working and busy with their lives i don't want to bother them and plus i am very disappointed at myself and pretty much isolated myself from everyone.

    Please if anyone could give or give some tips or needs a buddy to study together we can use skype!

    thank you so much
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    hi there
  5. by   Vaish
    Yes hi i m going to give exam in october. May i know which types of questions ask in exam ?
  6. by   student-2020
    it's all random.. it's not easy for me to say what kind of questions because you could be asked for anything.. I took 4x and none of them are repeated questions. I unfortunately got alot of SATA.. i swear the first 75 questions i got 25 SATA questions... I don't know because i answered them wrong or what but i kept getting one after another... Alot of meds questions, very few prioritization questions this past time but on the 3rd one i got a lot of teaching and prioritizing questions.
  7. by   Vaish
    Try again for exam. You will pass. I pray God wil help you next time.
  8. by   student-2020
    thank you, I pray everyday, God must be tired of listening to me when did you graduate? just curious why you wait until October? Good luck
  9. by   Vaish
    I have few notes to read for the nclex exam. May i have your email adress? So i can send you. May be it will help you.
  10. by   Ladyscrubs
    Hi student-2020
    Just Breathe.
    I tutor nursing students that have failed NCLEX more than once or twice or nine times so here goes, first, do not sign up to take the NCLEX any time soon—you need to distress and study wisely and you don't need that pressure. You need to develop and utilize some critical thinking/reasoning skills as it pertains to the prioritizing and the understanding of the rationale behind your nursing action/answers. Finally you really need to comprehend the questions. Your NCLEX books should serve as review guides only (I like fifth edition Saunders) and I suggest you dig out your nursing textbooks in order to re-familiarize yourself with anatomy and physiology, definitions, causes, treatment, and nursing interventions—these texts and or computer, videos etc are your study medium.
    Studying for 12 hours a day is a bit much. You will get more out of 1 or 2 hours a day with a break between. Read over the question—slowly, what is it asking? Try to answer the question without looking at the choices, then cheat and look at the answers, and ask yourself "was I right, was I close, or did I misunderstand the question altogether? Look up the rationale in the text or internet, and make sure it makes sense to you and you understand it. You will find that one question and its answer will lead you in multiple directions and into different subjects—go with it. Be like a little obnoxious kid and ask yourself why.
    So a patient is admitted to the ER with lower right abdominal discomfort. You as the nurse should take which the following measures first?
    A: Administer Loritab to the patient for pain relief.
    B: Place the patient in right side lying position for pressure relief.
    C: Start a Central Line.
    D: Provide pain reduction techniques without administering medication.
    Okay, I am going to do something FIRST but what?
    Let's start with the obvious, I am a nurse and I cannot start a central line Why? Not within my scope of practice.
    Can I administer drugs? No. Why? Simply put, I don't have an order to do so (do I have to know what Loritab is? It would be nice and you will look this up, but for now we caught a break).
    Right side lying position for pressure relief? Read the question again, pain is on the right side, so why not? This position would apply pressure to the right side, so nope, nada, zilch.
    Answer: Pain reduction relief without drugs
    Note to self: look up Loritab, look up pain reduction techniques
    Please don't isolate yourself, I can PM my email to you if you want and I have free long distance on my phone. Sometimes talking it through clears the cobwebs. Hugs to you.
  11. by   Vaish
    Hello lady scrub
    I read your post. It is really nice and helpful. But nclex is not asking the easy questions like this. It needs very critical thinking. Some times what we guess is not a answer. Are you tutor for nclex RN examination? May i talk with you on cal or else in mail ? Thanks
  12. by   Ladyscrubs
    I read your post. It is really nice and helpful. But nclex is not asking the easy questions like this. It needs very critical thinking. Some times what we guess is not a answer. Are you tutor for nclex RN examination? May i talk with you on cal or else in mail ? Thanks[/QUOTE]

    Hi Vaish,
    Reread the third line of my post. This is an example where reading comprehension comes in to play with the NCLEX. I tutor students that fail NCLEX. Critical thinking is the process where you consider if Ladyscrubs tutors students who fail the NCLEX, she is tutoring them to assist them to pass the NCLEX. I am not putting you down or trying to belittle you, but I have found that on review reading errors seem to elicit the " Oh crap, I knew that," but nerves took over, and statements such as most likely, least likely, most important, most appropriate, least appropriate get jumbled.

    You said, "Some times what we guess is not a answer." I have to admit that some questions elicit a lot of head scratching, but remember if what you guess is not the answer than your guess is wrong Okay, but the great thing about multiple choice is that they are giving you the answer in the form of multiple choices, and they may all be correct, or they may be so obviously wrong and some, if all seem right, have priority over others. In order to answers these questions you have to understand the rationale for choosing one over the other and more often than not, have the knowledge of a subject in order to make that choice. or in select all, more than one.

    For example:
    You are discharging a patient that has been hospitalized for preterm labor. Further instruction is needed when she says:

    A.“If I think I have a bladder infection, I need to see my obstetrician.”
    B. “If I have contractions, I should contact my health care provider.”
    C. “Drinking water may help prevent early labor for me.”
    D. “If I travel on long trips, I need to get out of the car every 4 hours.”

    You need to have gleaned some understanding/knowledge in regard to preterm labor
    "Further instruction" indicates to me that she really doesn't understand the seriousness of her situation:

    A. Smart move, bladder infection, yep go see the doc (Prego and infection not good)
    B. Smart move, was in hospital to begin with because of contractions Key phrase-preterm
    C. Hmm, well maybe I don't know this one, so think maybe and move to D
    D. Car travel, hmm, restricted movement for long periods... critical thinking... long periods of car travel, infrequent breaks, wait, pregnant people have increased blood volume, so DVT maybe? No, let's think, hmm, long travel with history of preterm contractions? Doesn't sound safe. This one I think.Drinking water? Yea, stay hydrated, so I guess it might be D.

    D is the correct answer. So although your knowledge base might be a bit rusty, by using the information that is given you and utilizing critical thinking of what you do recall, you will be pretty sure to pick the correct answer.

    Now if C. was written as drinking copious amounts of fluid, that answer would have been quickly eliminated (no pun intended), since critical reasoning + Knowledge of elytes & elimination, would set off some bells, plus copious amounts of anything just sounds wrong.

    Just remember you may get to the answer the wrong way, the logic is a bit screwy but your answer ends up to be correct. By thinking that staying hydrated was good and dehydration was bad, C was eliminated. The logic behind drinking fluids and staying hydrated is because dehydration is known to stimulate preterm contractions, but I didn't base my answer on that logic, but I did understand dehydration.

    Critical thinking is a combination of knowledge, instinct, and experience. It is thinking outside the box, connecting ideas, and thinking what if ?

    Sorry I am so wordy, by the way what is cal? I understand the email part...but yes I would like to hear from you. Can you PM?
  13. by   EatSleepPassNCLEX
    Sorry, a little late to the party.
    Student-2020 where you able to find any help to prep you for your last NCLEX attempt? Did you see what I did there, since I know you will be sucesfull the next time?
  14. by   Ladydee14
    I really need help with passing nclex rn I'm a repeated test taker