Critical thinking skills training

  1. Where can I find training to develop my critical-thinking skills (or problem-solving skills) and apply them to tackling NCLEX-RN questions? Up to now, I have spent much of my study time in memorizing nursing content from books. I have spent years doing this because this is what I am good at. But now I wish to learn how to problem-solve a question. How can I do that? Are there books or websites which do this?

    If I can conquer this, I think I can conquer NCLEX-RN. It'll be a sweet victory (on the 5th writing).
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  3. by   CyndieRN2007
    All I kept telling myself was to answer all priority questions according to Maslow and ABC. Thats the basics with priority questions.

    Also, another trick I learned was to "rephrase" the question. Some wordy questions are hard to understand. If you stop and ask your self...what is an easier way to ask the same question..........that's half the battle.
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  4. by   suzanne4
    Memorizing nursing content is the worst possible thing that you can do for the NCLEX exam. The exam does not focus on any of the facts that you learned while you were training, but wants to know that you will know what to do with the information that you have learned. How you would put it to use.

    You will not see any questions asking you for lab results.

    The NCLEX exam is based on common sense with the ABCs thrown in. And it is not the facts or the questions, it is understanding the rationales behind each and every answer that will get you thru the exam.

    Do not memorize anything.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Same way that if you crammed for an exam in the past, you do not retain that information. It leaves your brain. You need to understand the material and then it will stay with you.
  6. by   rafRN
    Very much agree with u suzanne4!!!!!!I'm not good in studying but with memorization i admit.but as i hurdle the nclexRN,i knew it's not helping me coz' i've done it so many times.And now,i'm trying my very best to understand each and every rationales and not putting hard on myself by means of memorizing........