Critical Thinking On The Nclex

  1. any tips on how to enhance my critical thinking skills? any books that will be good for this also? i took the nclex but did not pass and i think that I lack this skill...because most of the questions on nclex were critical thinking..

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  3. by   Myxel67
    First, you must know your subject. For critical thinking, it's important to get away from just memorizing facts. Work on analyzing and applying what you know to different situations. IMHO, the multiple choice question has done more to reduce critical thinking skills than any other single factor in education.

    If you are are looking for a way to develop critical thinking skills, practice answering essay questions about the content you are studying. To answer an essay question, you need to understand the principles involved and be able to apply them across many areas.

    On top of all that, be sure to apply the nursing process and ethical standards.

    Whether there are books out there or not, I don't know. You might try googling CRITICAL THINKING and see what pops up

    Good luck on your next attempt.
  4. by   suzanne4
    NCLEX exam is based on common sense with the ABCs thrown in. They already know that you made it thru school and had to memorize alot of facts. Now they want to know what you will do in a certain situation, which is more prioritizing rathern than critical thinking skills.

    Which patient do you see first when you get out of report? If you have two patients with abnormal lab values, which one would you focus on first and for what reason?
  5. by   jls1117
    thanks Myxel and suzanne...

    that was a tough one and i kinda remember encountering it during the test..something about having two abnormal values..and i really had no clue which one to pick...i read some of the tips at the top of this forum and it kinda helped me...thanks for the advice..keep them coming..