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  1. Hi, everybody, I've been surfing in this site for quite some time, and now its official that i am a registered user.I would like to thank the moderators here, and some members who are helpful in giving correct information to our Nurses.God bless you all.
    I will be taking my NCLEX exam 2 weeks from now, I know i can MAKE it, but there are times I doubt myself, asking myself what if ?,I just want to take the exam and get over it.
    What I like about allnurses, are the support you could have to people you considered strangers,but then again, you will be surprised to know that their are a lot of people there who are reaching out, and all you have to do is embrace and be thankful with the blessings.
    More Power to you all !
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  3. by   Idaho rocks!
    Good luck to you and I know that you will pass with flying colors!! FYI, the Saunders comprehensive review is a great book...I noticed that a majority of my NCLEX questions seemed to come from that book. Study every system that you can, focus on OB/PEDS, and priority delegations with some cardiovascular if you are weak in those areas. I seemed to have a bunch of OB questions and several select all that apply...also make sure to really be comfortable with the type of patient that you would see first...PRIORITY, PRIORITY, PRIORITY!!

    I am sure that you have been studying a while, hats off to you...I just passed my NCLEX as of yesterday and now I can say that I am an RN, too in just a few short weeks!
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    thank you.............
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    Good Luck to you!

    i totally agree with everything you've said. ..
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    Welcome, and good luck to you.
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    Good luck to you!