Confused about NCLEX :( HELP!!!

  1. I am so confused about when to take my NCLEX exam. If someone could offer me some advice please!

    So I graduated this past Saturday May 16th.
    My Kaplan Review Course is from May 26-29.
    I then leave for Europe on June 7 until June 29.
    I wanted to take the exam before I left but that leaves me with about two weeks to prepare with the inclusion of the Kaplan Course. (should have thought the vacation through better, I know)

    My confusion is whether to just take it or wait until after I come back from Europe on June 29. I would reschedule my Kaplan but the next Kaplan Review Course near my house does not end until July 17. I would spend another 2 weeks studying and then take the exam the first week of August.

    Which option is better? logical? will help me pass??

    Thank you so much for your input!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Get your trip and anything else out of the way so that you can concentrate on preparing for the NCLEX properly.
  4. by   kamilee03
    Your situation sounds a lot like mine!! I left for my 5 year anniversary the day after taking my NCLEX and I was a nervous Wreck!! I will tell you though that I took my NCLEX one week after the last day of my KAPLAN review. I passed my test with flying colors (shut off at 75 and passed). It was nice to be on vacation and know that I had finished the test, otherwise I would have felt like I needed to be studying while on vacation. The thing that stunk was I didn't know my results until almost four weeks later. The sooner you take the test, the better. I would just schedule the NCLEX now and you can always change the scheduling date to later if you don't feel prepared enough after Kaplan. I scored 55-60% on my NCLEX tests and had no problem passing boards with a shut off of 75. Hope that helps!!

  5. by   blackhundred
    Test>trips... No?