1. Hi everybody,
    I have 2 quick questions. I have taken my boards twice. On the results they send me, there are 8 categories and it shows whether you are below passing standard, near the passing standard, or above the passing standard. My first results were 7 of them were near the passing standard, and one was below the passing standard. My second attempt results, all 8 categories said, near the passing standard. Here's the question: Does near the passing standard mean that I am not even close to passing??? And, if I did really well in any of the 8 areas, would it say on the results Above passing standard? SO confused. Second question: Can I review my test anywhere online or through pearson vue? A friend said that she saw it somewhere but didn't remember where. Thanks Guys.
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  3. by   ArielleLVN
    When i took my exam I had 7-near and 1- above and did not pass.
    Regarding your second question this is from NCSBN side "...some BON have laws and regulations that allow failing NCLEX examination candidates to review the actual test item answered incorectly, and chalenge the accuracy of items and answers. More specific info about review , chalenge and fees for this service must be obtained from your board of nursing" So, I gess you shuld contact your BON. Let me know. Good luck.
  4. by   lester25
    I was told the same thing as well.. I called and they said that you can not review your test...