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  1. Well what is the % of pass rate when it shuts off at 75?? I know this has been asked a ton of times but I am worried!! TOOK it today and cant get it off my mind!!

    Well I had a lot of general questions and tons of priority, only 1 math and of course I missed it. There were several drug questions and I done my best to pick but some I had NO clue. WHat is your opinion how do you know?? The ones that failed at 75 what was the test like and the ones the past what was it like???
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  3. by   mom2michael
    The pass rate is the same regardless if your test stopped at 75 questions or 265 or anywhere in between. I know that isn't the answer you were looking for - but there is no way to guess and base your test on someone else's because each test is designed for the person taking it. You control your test and the questions on it and how many you get. Are you in state that posts quick results? If so, check in 48 hours exactly from the time you started your tests (give or take an hour) - or check your SBON website, which sometimes is quicker than quick results.

    It's normal to freak, think you failed, etc....every single person who takes the test feels that way if that makes you feel any better. No one really knows they passed and no one really knows they failed because there is just no way to tell. However, most often the reaction after the test is "I've failed horribly" which statistics prove is just not the case. Far more people pass the NCLEX on the 1st time than fail.....

    Enjoy your new freedom, do something fun and exciting and get some much needed rest until you get your results :wink2:
  4. by   trdicus
    thanks I think I will get off this website and stop looking at my NCEX books worring about it. I think I will have a glass of wine and watch a movie. THANKS what has happened cant be changed and if I have to retake it SO BE IT!!! MY dream is to be a RN and nothing will stop me unless the stress!! LOL Well maybe the next time I post will be GOOD NEWS!!
  5. by   EricJRN
    Good luck!