Cant stand the wait!!

  1. Well today was the big day! 75Q mostly who will you see first, call first some crazy meds I walked out sat in my car and could not figure it out. I don't know how I did I feel 50/50....can't stand rollercoaster rides to begin with, this emotional rollercoaster ride is killing me!!!
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  3. by   alegea23
    I'm in the same boat. I took my exam at 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 13. I have called the quick access number to see if I passed 3 times already, even though it says it takes 2 whole days to find out. Best of Luck!!
    Mine shut off at 180 I think. It was around there. I wasn't paying too much attention because was concentrating on the questions and decided to keep looking after each question lol. Last thing I know is I was at 177, then few questions later, it shut off. The wait is KILLING me. I was fine all day yesterday but now as the time comes closer to finding out, I'm getting VERY nervous.
  4. by   RNismycalling
    Hang in there, you both have made it this far. It will be over soon and then you can celebrate Good luck!!!
  5. by   alegea23
    Hallelujah, I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's finally here!! Now I will have to start orientating as a nurse. I'm celebrating this Saturday first lol..
  6. by   ZoeMoe
    Congrats on passing alegea23!!!!!! I took it yesterday too. The waiting is the WORSE. I PRAY I passed. The waiting is making me sick -- slept but woke up this morning sick and crying... Probably won't get the results 'til saturday I pray.
  7. by   areafl
    My instructor told me that if the test shuts you off at the minimum number of questions which is 75 that you all most have to pass. So relax I am sure you did fine.
  8. by   ZoeMoe
    areafl --- thanks for the words of reassurance... but I'm dying though!!!! I mean some folks fail at 75!!!! I had lots of priority, delegation and safety/contact precaution type hot spots or select all (which were my weak areas.) Okay -- I know, there's nothing I can do until the results come out... so sorry for the neurotic posts....Thanks for the good wishes and I'M SO HAPPY FOR THOSE THAT DID IT... it gives me hope...