Can you reschedule NCLEX if you have a family emergency?

  1. Family emergency last weekend and my test validity is until the 27th of this month. I have it scheduled for this week but I'm drained and still trying to just stay calm from it. I've been meditating, working out, staying calm and have been less anxious until the recent event happened. I tried to reschedule on pearsonvue online but (no surprise), all dates for this month were taken and filled up. I emailed the state and asked if there was any way I can take it on the 1st of next month (since that wasn't filled) and no response. I don't even know if that's possible. What should I do? Help!
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  3. by   St_Claire
    Unfortunately they are unforgiving. If you wait beyond the 27th you will need to pay again. Check other locations that are further away and see what is available. Make sure you cancel the appointment if you are not going to make it.
  4. by   begosh
    I don't think they'll allow extensions past the validity date. Keep checking PearsonVue because sometimes slots become available.
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    They might have made an exception for rescheduling but I've never seen them make an exception for a validity date. So try and take the test by the 27th rather than have to pay another $200 to PV, plus any costs that the BoN may charge for a reapplication fee.
  6. by   St_Claire
    Also, my friend rescheduled her test by calling them. The person on the phone said they just had a cancellation and the date had not been made available on the website.
  7. by   Hellostudentnurssee
    Thanks everyone! Yeah, state emailed me back and just said to reschedule that date but it's past the validity date on my ATT. Also, there was a date open next weekend however, it's a day after the validity date. I pray that God and the universe can grant me a day next week before the 27th. PLEASE GOD!!!
  8. by   Hellostudentnurssee
    And yeah, all the days are filled up at the 2 test centers near by. I also called and it's the same from when I tried to reschedule online but good tip, thanks!
  9. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Try calling Pearson can even check online. The availability of test dates can change from hour to hour. I know when I registered/scheduled on a Monday morning, I the first test date was the following Thursday morning. My classmate registered an hour after me she got a date on Wednesday evening at the same center. Sometimes the PV customer service reps can pull a date before it pulls to the general website.

    Good luck.
  10. by   Hellostudentnurssee
    You guys were lucky! Yeah, I just called them and they couldn't find a date other than the ones listed on the website. I'm definitely wishing, hoping, praying I can get a day next week before the validity is expired. I'll keep checking every hour. I hope someone cancels...someone's bound to, right? Thanks