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On thursday, I will resubmit my application to take my boards. This will be my second time taking them and by GOD'S GRACE I will pass. Everyday I pass by the Pearson Vue going to and from work. I... Read More

  1. by   michw2
    I have been doing the study plan also. I will be taking the test for the second time in April. I wish you all the best of luck. and may god bless each and everyone of you. Michele
  2. by   2005grad
    Thank you LORD!!!!! I PASSED

    LJ RN
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  3. by   eliza_mae017
    U passI am sooo happy for u 2005grad, goo goo RN.....VERY VERY COngratulation:blushkiss
  4. by   2005grad
    Eliza when will you be testing? By Grace and Mercy I claim your victory RIGHT NOW!!!!

    eLIZA RN

  5. by   nursingone
    Good afternoon,

    Congratulations to you!!....Hats and balloons.....God is awesome and praise god for your passing of the exam...Everything is possible with God...
    I hope that you are relaxing and having a wonderful evening...

    God is good....


    What state do you live in? Did you get rapid results and how long did it take you to get your test results? When did you take your test?
  6. by   2005grad
    I took my boards on March 15th and got results today. Bon is in the state of SC.

  7. by   hope to be a nurse
    Quote from 2005grad
    I took my boards on March 15th and got results today. Bon is in the state of SC.



    How did you study for the NCLEX?
    Did you use Suzannes program?
  8. by   2005grad
    I did use suzanne program also I went to NCSBN website an enrolled in there online class. It was just a little security for me. Sauders was a good knowledge book. The reson why I liked it so because the chapters was short, simple and easy to learn. MOST OF ALL I PRAYED TO GOD DAILY AND REQUEST THAT HE BLESS ME. I WAS NOT GOING TO TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER BECAUSE HE SAID IN HIS WORDS ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN.

  9. by   eliza_mae017
    THanks 2005grad i will for sure taking mine after holy week..I supposed to take it this end of March, but my mom said let holy week pass... ANd I know she is right, I will give to God my time this holy week. And continue asking him to guide me pass NCLEX RN 2nd and my last one.. COZ I claim it, In JEsus NAME, I will pass NCLEX RN"........ thanks to all u guys....

    TO NursingONE God never fail people who truly believe in him.. HE hear ur prayers.. I KNow u pass the exam... COngratulation:blushkiss
  10. by   nursingone
    Good evening eliza mae017,

    I hope and pray that you have a wonderful and blessed weekend...Thank you for your kinds words of encouragement and motivation. ...I truly love the lord and he has been wonderful to me...I can't praise him enough...I see how good he really is and how he never fails you...I will pray for your passing of the nclex. You will pass have faith and confidence....

    Have a blessed and prayerful weekend...

  11. by   Immortal_us
    Sorry I am so late,

    Just came back from work, but I shouted for you 2005grad you made it and I knew you would because the love and faith you have in jesus christ, You brought us to this page and you show us how to keep each other encouraged and how to love and have faith in the saviour you truly deserved this gift your had work has paid off. Just keep that same spirit and ask him to lead us in to this profession as christ soldiers and help those on there death bed, by show them something to smile about,which is the kingdom of heaven that will be waiting for them if they just believe that jesus died for our sin. I just want to say that I am so proud of you

    Congrats and I knew you could do it,

    Nursingone You will do it too

    :angel2: :angel2:
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  12. by   Rozy
    CONGRATULATIONS!Another Prayer Answered! Woo-Hoo!
  13. by   angel1979
    I will take my boards again the end of april for the third time. Please pray for me.