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On thursday, I will resubmit my application to take my boards. This will be my second time taking them and by GOD'S GRACE I will pass. Everyday I pass by the Pearson Vue going to and from work. I... Read More

  1. by   MMARN
    wow!!! congratulations!!! god is good all the time!!! this calls for celebration!!!!
    celebrate good times, c'mon!!!!! wooo hooo!!!!!!! :hatparty: :smiley_aa
  2. by   2005grad


    CONGRATULATION IMMORTAL!!:spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:

  3. by   Cort81
    Hey 2005 grad
    When do you retake your nclex. I saw your post that victory today was yours. So, Im guessing today!!! Let us know how it goes
  4. by   2005grad
    cort I was rejoicing for Immortal.....My exam will be in two weeks.


  5. by   Immortal_us
    No doubt you are in my prayer every day

    I know that you will bring home the victory, I have faith in you and I know that you will be an awesome nurse.

    Jesus Is Lord
  6. by   Cort81
    I will definetly keep you in my prayers!!! We can pray for each other and ourselves..LOL I take mine again exactly two weeks from today. In 14 days I will be done with that test and by God's grace will have walked out as a RN this time!!!

    ( im stealing immortal's lines, they seem to work )
  7. by   Immortal_us
    Hi Ladies Nurses,

    I say this because I know that all of you will do fine, nursingone trust and believe that you will do fine I was at the same state that you are in when I was studying, praying and talking to jesus Like every single day, you will do fine just remember two days b4 the test put those books away trust me get your mind off of studying because you are going to need those brain cells to get your license when you walk out of that building.

    2005grad, I know you too are studying hard and that you will also ace this exam the both of you will get your license you to are children of god and he knows what his children and will grant as long as we ask and trust and believe he will grant all things.

    Eliza: Jesus has heard your prayers and he will grant the things that you want and right now it is your license and you will be and rn, trust and believe

    Cort81 remember to believe trust and have faith because faith in him goes along way never doubt what the lord can do for you YOu are an Rn

    All of you are nurses and it will be official in the name of Jesus


    THEY WILL CALIM THE VICTORY !! They are going to walk out of that building feeling good and as RN's in Jesus Name Amen Look out!!

    You can do it.

  8. by   eliza_mae017
    THANK U SO MUCH Immortal u just dont know how much u give me inspiration day by day... HOW Much u lifted my spirit to continue fighting for my dream..... HOW Much u teach me that GOD is there, and I WIll be shouting out loud that "YES his there, i know he hears me"... I thank him that i did not make it the first time.. COZ he let me find this site, my family, people that i might not be able to see in person, But has given me soo Much strength, soo my faith in his Power...

    Everyday as i wake up, i always say "In JEsus name, I will pass NCLEX RN", i will never get tired of sayin that line everyday, and continue praising his name.... HE let me realized to JUST have faith in him..>AND he will guide me on my WAY............

    SO U guYS, Like what immortal said :wink2: THE VICTORY IS OURS, RNSsssssssss.........

    Thank u GOD!
  9. by   2005grad
    You guys we can do it in Jesus name. This is the victory song that I will be singing after taking my boards.


    I lift my hands in total adoration unto You
    You reign on the throne for You are God and God alone
    Because of You my cloudy days are gone
    I can sing to You this song
    I just want to say that I love You more than anything

    Love me in Your arms
    You were my shelter from the storm
    When all my friends were gone
    You were right there all along
    I never knew a love like this before, Oh
    I just want to say that I love You more than anything

    I Love You Jesus
    I worship and adore You
    Just want to tell you
    Lord, I Love You more than anything
  10. by   nursingone
    Good morning,

    Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement...What a wonderful website this has been praising and loving the name and the word of Jesus...

    I hope and pray that you are having a blessed and prayerful weekend... God is able and god is good...We will pass our exams ladies and remember god never fails...We have the victory already by believing in his mercy and his grace....We survived and graduated from nursing school. We will pass this test...As always, god is on our side... Praise his name and thank you god for your awesome mercy....

    Have a blessed and prayerful day...WE WILL PASS THIS NCLEX EXAM IN THE NAME OF JESUS..!!

    nursingone (Marty)
  11. by   MMARN
    HI ladies. I just wanted to say and to tell you that God is in control. Good luck to all who are taking the NCLEX this month and this year for that matter. God bless you!!!!
  12. by   hope to be a nurse
    Hi Guys.
    I will be taking my NCLEX for the second time.
    I just started on Suzzanes program.
    I am still on tip number one, trying to go over all the chapters.

    Congrats to Immortal.
    2005grad when are you taking your NCLEX? Good luck

    I am thinking that I should be ready by the beginning of MAy.

    I have a question for those that followed Suzzanes tips:
    When you did the first tip how many chapters did you do a day or how many hours did you study a day?

    I hope to hear from you guys.
  13. by   Lvn2002Blessed
    Hello Everyone,

    I'm new to this site and want to thank everyone for the wonderful words of encouragement...What a wonderful website this has been praising and loving the name and the word of Jesus...

    Yes, God is Good, God is Good all the time God is Good. He's worthy to be praised. Remember Praises go up and Blessings come Down.

    My prayer for all of us is that I decree in the name of Jesus that we all pass our Nclex Boards not are will but your will in Jesus name we pray Amen!