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hi! i'm just new in this forum, i just took my nclex-rn exam last in san francisco.the computer stop at 75...can anyone help on how i can know my result? tnx!:saint:... Read More

  1. by   kiimi
    guys its been almost 2 mos now.i was trying to col them but cudnt get a hold of em. twas always telling me to try col again because of the large vol of calls they are receiving. i tried to email them but got no response. is this the correct number to call---> 916 3223350? thanks a lot!thanks for ur immediate response guys!God bless!
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    All contact details are on the Ca website
  3. by   RN finally
    Hi I had my exam last February 14,it ended up around 75 and all the questions was a bit hard.It took me almost 2mos to get my results.I had a problem with my fingerprints,so I just had to wait and pray.Just yesterday when my husband logged in to their website whooaaaa ...I saw my name.I'm an RN now.
    So just try to log onto their website.It may take a while but I think they have reasons for it.Just don't lose hope and pray hard.God will give you the answer in his own time

  4. by   suzanne4
    Sorry, but the above posters are from the Philippines and do not have SSN#s. Therefore they will not see their name on the CA BRN website, they only get a letter by snail mail that they have passed the exam. But no license number is issued for them.