best affordable online NCLEX review

  1. anyone have any recommendations? i don't want to spend more than $200...
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  3. by   Matilda50
    i would check the sticky at top of thread new revised first tip of suzanne's plan. i am using it i will be taking it a 3x in oct. alot of people have passed using her plan research it. good luck on cost of book with the cd. about 40$

  4. by   FutureNurse2B
    You could also do the NSCBN review online. Im currently doing this now. Its $49 for 3 weeks or you could do 5 weeks, 8weeks, and 15weeks. I think the 5 weeks is like $60 and the 8 weeks is about $100 or so. Very affordable. Its similar to kaplan BUT its a lot more interactive. They give you like fun refresher games to keep your mind thinkin in between your lessons and they give you breaks when they tell you to get up and do a stretch. Its cute. Its also written by the makers of the NCLEX so thats what caught my eye. I took KAPLAN twice and it didnt' work for me so hopefully this is my answer. Good luck.
  5. by   michaRN
    also try its cheap $49 for one yr...just for practice question...together with saunders cmphensive 3rd edition..and