bad popup! but hoping...

  1. I told to myself that I will tell my story if only I passed the test,but this feeling is killing me now I tried my best but it seems that my best aren't good enough. I finish my BSN year 2013, lots of thing to do before nclex. I am a foreign graduate. like others, it takes time to fix and complete all the BON requirements. overall,it took me a year to get my my eligibility June 2016, took my first test oct 2016, unfortunately I that time I only used kaplan book to study (didn't work for me,no help at all)..this been so hard for me because I need to work while studying. my next attempt was March 2017, I know it was way too long..I read saunders book but didnt get a chance to finish it, like what I said, work and study at the same time. I think I am just pressured that time that I really want to get my license soooo bad, I am getting paranoid, all what ifs questions is coming through my head. what if I did like that, what if I did like frustrating..

    my friend to me that third time is a charm, she passed on her third attempt. I guess I am believing in everything that can boost my heart,feelings and mind right now.. everything that positive I believe.

    took my exam today Oct 5,2017.. tried the PVT 5hrs after but got a bad popup! I want to cry,shout and just disappear! I just don't know what to feel. when I'm answering the questions I know and I think my answers are correct. but why is it bad popup????

    still waiting for the result, I hope there is still a miracle for me.. can someone whisper to an angel to please send my prayers to heaven? still not losing hope..I'm still so blessed that my fiance is beside me to support me and keep telling me to keep on going. He said, this is for me and I won't stop. I hope and prayed that one day this month I will receive my pass letter.still hoping....
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  3. by   maporcrn1
    I will never forget the fear and stress I experienced when taking my nursing exam! I studied and worked hard in clinical rotations while in nursing school. I took the test, two 8 hour days, sitting at a table, answering all the questions. Tests are stressful. I liked to believe that my grades in Nursing School meant that I would be successful to pass the RN exam. I had to wait 2 months to know if I would be a RN. I received a pass letter. Believe in yourself,and the knowledge that you have!
  4. by   Atl-Murse
    Too late for prayers. Next time give yourself enough time. Stop working and study hard. Casual studying using some book will not cut it especially years after school
  5. by   Davey Do
    My heart goes out to you, Faith4ever.
  6. by   Faith4everRN
    I’m still hoping for anything that can happen to me, until now there is no change in my breeze account, I can’t stop working, I have my needs and I need to live.. I just don’t know where to start again,
  7. by   CarlRivers1972
    I understand about the work. And you still need to find out if you passed for sure. But if you don't, hopefully you do. I would suggest you try using three things. First, the NCSBN nclex course. They are the writers of the test. This will help you to fully understand which each section on the test is clearly about. It helped me as I was doing the NCLEX as I could understand which area I was testing on with each question. 2. Uworld NCLEX package. Has all the examples of all the types of questions you could encounter. And has great visual aids provided for question 3. For on the go I would use Lippincott app as it is broken down by maternal, psych, surgical, peds type questions. And even a labs section too. They also have nclex mastery but the lippincott app is a great purchase. I hope you passed. I worked to and I know how hard it is to prioritize while working but you need to commit to longer studying even while working. I am confident you will pass, and don't ever stop believing.
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  8. by   Faith4everRN
    Thank you, it’s good to know that someone understand what I’ve been through,, My hope is still high.. I’m still believing that I passed. Until now my breeze acct is unopened and no pending since I took my exam..