Attention: ATI NCLEX!

  1. I was using (as my school requires it) ATI for years and had access from my home computer without any problem. A few days ago, I found out that I couldn't log in. I called their famous customer service and was told that ATI "just" decided to make all their products compatible with FireFox browser, and FireFox only, and so I would have to install it.
    Since I didn't want to install this not-so-popular-for -some-good-reasons stuff anyway, and because I knew that the customer service was telling me fairy stories (if i could log in 10 min. before using browser "X", but suddenly become unable to do so, that can't be a browser "Y" problem), I wrote to ATI. I mentioned that FireFox was not mentioned under their mandatory technical system requirements, unlike Silverlight. I soon got a responce, with the following said in clear terms:
    - Microsoft 10 can be used for ATI access ONLY with FireFox;
    - current ATI products are NOT compatible with any devices except PCs. No tablets, smartphones, etc.

    Nothing of that is mentioned on ATI main page and in their email advertising "I wish I could study for NCLEX in _______"

    So, I would like to know everybody who's busy choosing their best NCLEX preparation product to think twice and one time more before considering ATI. Their "quality" of questions was debated here ad nauseum already, and now it is clear that what they say about technical side of their products is far from the truth. There is a BIG question if their advertisement about studying for NCLEX anywhere is even close to the truth - so bevare!
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  3. by   St_Claire
    FireFox was the required browser for most of the programs we used at the nursing college I attended; It's a much more stable environment than IE.