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I just received my ATT and noticed that it's only valid for three months...for some reason I thought it was good for a year. What happens if you have to retake the exam? Do you get another... Read More

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    Kinda off topic but seemed to be a good place to ask this as well. Has anyone else had to pay for a license as well as the test each and every time they applied for a new ATT after not passing the NCLEX?
    Yes, that is standard. You need to pay a new licensing fee, as well as the fee to Pearson-Vue for the exam.

    That is why the goal should be to get it done on the first try.
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    l am a bristish trained nurse. can somebody please recommend or know any university in usa or uk where l can go as a guest student to make up classes in obstetrics, paediatric and psychiatric.

    thank you
    Where do you plan to work? Which state? Many states have programs that are available in community colleges. You would apply as a guest student, and be able to get in when there was an opening. This is actually quite common, but you will need to contact the schools directly.

    The other issue is when did you actually graduate? You may find that you have enough hours in at least one or two of those areas, more than likely; if you did not graduate in the last few years.