ATT, NCLEX-RN Test day, Pearson Vue trick, Verifying license online?

  1. Hey guys,
    I took my NCLEX Oct. 11 in Texas. I started my test 8:00am and finished by 9:30am with only 75 questions. Here are some things that I wish others had told me prior to taking the test:

    1) How long does it take to get ATT (Authorization to Test)/ where can I go to check my status?
    I graduated officially from my school at the end of August (31st). I didn't get my ATT until 9/19. After that the closest testing site soonest date to test was Oct. 11th. Others in my class took the test sooner because they choose other testing sites. I think the soonest date for my class mates was Oct. 2nd.

    You can check the status of your ATT (in Texas at least) on the TX Board of Nursing website. Enter your information and find out your status:

    2) What happens on test day?
    You are asked to be at your testing center 30 minutes before your test starts. Everyone starts at different times. The sooner you get there the faster you can begin. Once they verify you with your license and ATT you have to palm scan/ finger print and take a picture at the testing site. You are given a locker to place your belongings because you can't enter into the room with anything. Someone walks you to your computer where you begin your exam. You are given a eraser board which you aren't allowed to write on until after the tutorial. You are recorded at all times. You are also given bulky headset to block out the noise.

    I can't remember how long the tutorial is (I believe 5 questions) but they count towards your 6 hours. I thought this was a waste of time but if you need it, it is there. The tutorial just made me more nervous because I just wanted to start answering questions.

    If you want a break you have to raise your hand and be escorted out. You can't just stand up. You also need to palm scan if you do take a break. Break happens after 2 hours if you choose to take one.

    Once you finish the test and your screen goes blank you have to survey at the end. By this time I was freaking out about my test and wanted to get out asap. They make you take the survey before you can finish which is no fun because I just wanted to cry because I thought I failed.

    3) How soon does Pearson Vue trick work?
    My testing center is a five minute drive away from my house. I took my test and 10 minutes later the good pop up comes up. I believe Pearson Vue trick works immediately.

    4) How soon does Verification online of your RN happen?
    In Texas, RN status are updated on the BON online every Tuesday and Thursday. All you enter is your first and last name and your information should pop up. (has to be 48 hours after your test though)

    5) How soon do you get your license if the mail?
    About a week after you pass NCLEX you get your license.
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  3. by   Nursingfem007
    Congrats. What did u use to study.
  4. by   AustinTTUHSCstudent
    I've heard about this Pearson Vue trick before.... can you explain it a little more? What did you mean by "the good pop up comes up"?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from AustinTTUHSCstudent
    I've heard about this Pearson Vue trick before.... can you explain it a little more? What did you mean by "the good pop up comes up"?
    Read the very large thread discussing the trick at the bottom of the main NCLEX forum page
  6. by   pens623
    wow....every state is different, but regardless, it's all very stressful!! I'm in Ohio and am just posting to state my experience even though I do not yet have results for my exam. I got on the Pearson Vue site when I returned home immediately following my boards. I got the "good" pop-up message that stops me from re registering. I have tried this SEVERAL times since and continue to get that same pop-up. I have also logged onto and my status in still "pending". It has only been a little over 24hrs since I sat so am still hopeful and will post again when I get something concrete. Am catching myself taking lots of deep breaths...the stress can be absolutely overwhelming. So God willing, those of you reading this will see your license #s soon, as will I Blessings to all of you.
  7. by   BORI-BSNRN
    I am going to test tomorrow for the first time. Thank you so much for the advice of what we should expect at the beggining in the test center that's very helpful for me> )
  8. by   BORI-BSNRN
    ohhh BTW CONGRATS RN!!!
  9. by   pens623
    ok, so as far as I can tell, the pearson vue "trick" works. As I said in my earlier post, I got on Pearson Vue's site and tried to re register as soon as I got home from testing and got the good pop-up message. the ohio license lookup website ( now lists a license # for me, so I did pass. Haven't come across anyone that was able to sign in and re register if they actually did pass the exam, so while it wasn't convincing to me until I could actually see my license # on the OBON site, it does appear to work. God Bless to all who were sooo supportive w/me while I was awaiting results
  10. by   cvicufla
    Speaking for Florida, I can say the Pearson Vue trick is 100% every time. If you get the pop up, you passed. The business next day you can check the Florida Department of Health website and your license will be issued. Its very fast in Florida. I took my NCLEX at 2pm and was finished at 75 questions in less than 2 hours. I waited until around 9pm and got the Pearson Vue pop up. The next morning I checked with the Florida Department of Health website and my license had been issued.
  11. by   PrettyRN13
    The PVT worked for me. I took my test on July 22, and soon as I got home I tried to register and I was denied with the good pop up. My license was just posted on the Texas BON by 9:35 am this morning (July 25). I was up with my 2 month old son at 5 am this morning and checked for the posting, but my license wasn't up. I guess there is some truth to updates happening on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am.
  12. by   tnicole57
    My friend and I took the NCLEX at the same location, day and time. We both received 75 questions with over 30 multiple selects. We were almost comparable on our practice questions. We studied hard and prayed hard. We were almost sure that we both past based on the type of questions (which kept getting harder and harder). I checked my result and I passed. He checked his result and he failed based on the Unofficial Quick result. Has it ever been wrong? I don't understand how he could've failed? Can someone please explain. I feel horrible!!
    Thank you
  13. by   Mrscardiac
    Ok, to start, I'm a Lpn and have been for 6 years. I studied at my leisure for my RN nursing boards expecting positive results. Grad from NS 5/2013, and just sat for my boards two days ago. The computer gave me 265 questions! 4 long hours ugh! Any way, I tried the pvt and behold, the cc page pulled up. WHAT?!?! Needless to say I retrieved my results.....I FAILED! No biggie. I have heard that hurst review is worth looking into. Anyway, the trick worked for me. Always confirm with the board of nursing first. GOD forbid you end up paying an additional 200.00 needlessly. Good luck
  14. by   boardon24
    Yes Yes Yes, pearson vue trick is awesome and works...I was certain that I will post this if it works. Well it did so here is few thing that I read frequently asked questions:
    Board registered: Alabama
    Test site: Washington
    test date: Aug 5th
    today Aug 6.

    So trick is real and I followeed like this log in to your pearson vue nclex account to see current acivity and status is still today aug 6 says delivery successful which it was yesterdday aug 5 right after exam 30 mins after exam it was like this deliverry successful so i did the trick 30 mins after exam and it gave me good pop up so i had mixed feeling i was researching and i did not find any different answer that it did not work the only one i seen was hold and one had credit card but eventually passed so nothing about fail so far. so thats the trick it works as of today.
    Now, Alabama state do not participate in quick result and it will also appear in your account under exaam in pearson vue so for people in alabama here is what you can do to alleviate headaches google alabama boarrd of nursing and look for license verification and put your laastt name if you get lots entry put first name exactly same as you applied. right after exam if you check it will say licensee not found and thats true bcz alabama board updates its record at 9am everyday. so give it some time the next day and check about afternoon and your name will be there if you had good pop up in peaarson vue trick and if you do congratulation be worry free and look for job.

    now dont ask me why i choose different place for testing and board... thats mean marlyn says

    what did i study well tell you truth i was medium student not bright or dumb never memorised a thing not even drugs just learned while doing clinicals and using a lot. so keep that in my I took Hesi and i studied hurts materials that is running around on the web for free or classmate gives you so old hurts materials with video i listened when i took hesi and i did before exam and nothing else no practice questions nor anything fancy just kept it simple like marlyn says. just one advise is that for nclex is that common conditions and dieases in US is primary focus you got to know those in psych schiz, alza, parki, manic med surg heat stuff respiratory stuff endocrine stuff diabetes kind of like that now they dont assk straightt forward so you should be able to appy knowledge by now think through other stuff people usually miss out is legal stuff mal practice negligence law suit people this is safety issue dont you learn safety is priority so you got to masster this as well. So if i can do it you can do it i had major life event before exam and did not study after school for 2 months and i took exam in week wheni staarted study dont stress hurts is recommended

    so this my paying back to nurse student who shared info and helped alll along nursing school.

    MY KEYBOARD IS NOT NICE SO MANY SPELLLING MISTAKES sorry but you get the idea is all my goal