1. For those of you that have taken both ATI and then the NCLEX did you find them comparable or was one more difficult than the other? The reason why I ask is that I just recently took my first ATI test and although I passed I couldn't help feeling like I had been hit by a truck while I was taking the test. So I was just wanting some insight if I should expect the same thing when I sit for the NCLEX.

    TIA for your responses.:smilecoffeecup:
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  3. by   medchick
    I took both as well. I thought the ATI's accurately followed what was taught in class. It is based on a knowledge level. I thought the NCLEX was harder but in a different way beacuse it is application based. You use more critical thinking on NCLEX than you do on the ATI's. Although, the comprehensive predictor that you take before you graduate is a pretty good indicator of success on the NCLEX. Also the study guides you get for ATI's are a good study guide for NCLEX as well. Good luck to you.
  4. by   Sheri257
    Quite frankly, I wasn't impressed with the ATI. I studied it because it was part of our final grade for our last semester but, I don't think it helped me with the NCLEX one bit.

    For one of my classmates, the ATI said he had a 99 percent chance of passing which, made him overly confident. As a result, he didn't do any prep and failed the NCLEX.

    Another classmate didn't do so great on the ATI but she did a lot of prep with Kaplan and passed.

    Like anything else, I'm sure some people will swear by it since opinions always vary but, my school isn't using the ATI anymore (we were the last class to take it) and I think that was probably a good decision.

  5. by   DolphinRN84
    I definitely agree with you lizz. We had ATI at my school too and IMO was nothing like the real NCLEX. It was pretty much knowledge based..not so much critical thinking. ATI only counted as part of our grade as well....well if got 50 or greater percentile..we got an extra whopping two points added to our final grade. I took Kaplan also and it really helped.
  6. by   krisjazzer13
    I took the ATI exams while in school and thought they covered the class material very well, but I personally thought that the NCLEX questions were more difficult....ATI is wonderful for reviewing content though, and the comprehensive predictor exam definitely helped prepare me for NCLEX-style questions
  7. by   Jules Anne
    My program also uses ATI. We've been told over and over that we are not supposed to use the scores as predictors of success. We are told to use the profile at the end of the test to find our strengths and weaknesses so that we can remidiate on the info that we don't know as well.

    I've been told by several new grads to use Saunder's for NCLEX prep.
  8. by   Surgical_RN08
    We have a choice to take the virtural ati review or kaplan? i havent been too impressed with ati these past two years but they promise a 98% pass rate on the nclex! some are going with both. the ati guy was talking down on the other reviews and says and knows he is the best. is he like a car salesman selling his product or is this legit? i think i am still going with kaplan but i wanted to know should i try the ati also or just save my money?
  9. by   Woodenpug
    The two were not comparable. The ATI was required to progress from semester 7 to semester 8 and at best it only added stress. I did well on the ATI and passed NCLEX with 75 questions. I definitely did not find the ATI or Kaplan to be of much use. "The NCLEX made incredibly easy" was without a doubt the most relevant and useful study guide for the NCLEX.
    I still resent the cheap trick of requiring passing the ATI in order to graduate. Probably it does increase the first time passing scores, but it does not reflect the quality of instruction. I have to say that my instructors were top-notch, it's the administrative trick I resent.
  10. by   4hope
    ATI predictor said 95% that I would pass the NCLEX on my first try. I am studying to take it for the second time a HUGE part that the ATI missed was PRIORITY PRIORITY PRIORITY!!! Delegation was not even touched on and the med questions were a joke compared to the NCLEX. I studied before I took the NCLEX but the prioritization/delegation/infection control really threw me for a loop! I DID NOT expect those. Nowhere in the study materials does ATI really emphasize those points. So, when I was studying, I was just "glancing over" that but going for the comprehension stuff a lot more. Well, that was my fatal mistake. I had "near passing" on all sections except the most important one....
    I really wish I had looked over this site BEFORE my FIRST NCLEX. Just look to see what everyone else said they did to help them out (Saunders, Kaplan, LaCharity)...PRIORITIZATION/DELEGATION/INFECTION CONTROL/MEDS (and not questions that give you a "clue" to what the med might be used for but REALLY, REALLY know your meds!!!!)
  11. by   caliotter3
    Best not to get too hung up with predictor scores, concentrate on learning the material. Good luck.
  12. by   mylo56312
    We were required to do ATI at our school. My predictor said that I had a 95% chance in passing. I did spend time answering questions on ATI until my test. I did not pass. So the second time I was told to take virtual ATI by my instructor. well lets just say I could do the same on my own without paying the money. I completed virtual ATI and was told I was good to take the test. I did not pass. This time I am not sure what I am going to use, but I know ATI and NCLEX are two toatally different animals.
  13. by   4hope
    OMG!!! Why does our schools FORCE us to stick w/ what DOES NOT work???? Same story here. Didn't pass w/ ATI predictor and now, I HAD to sign up for the virtual ATI (ok...maybe not forced but instructors/advisor said "well, you really, really should take the ATI", it felt like if I didn't sign up for the virtual ATI, if something happened that I didn't pass again, then it would be my fault for not listening to the "advice". Now, after reading these posts, I really wish I spent my money on Kaplan vs. Virtual ATI.
    Then again, two other students in my class took the virtual ATI and passed @ the lesson is...1) if it don't work, don't do it again...2) one plan does NOT fit all...
    back to studying :P