at last... after 3 takes i passed my nclex.. tnx to tim concepcion n URC

  1. i took my nclex last march 6 2009. I finished in no 256 but i diddnt finish the test because i run out of time.. i dont have select all that apply ( SATA ) questions.. i just have prioritization,delegation n infection control and one computation... i went to post ofc last april 20 because its been 1 month already n i dont have my result.. i decided to find my letter n the post ofc n finally i got the small envelop.. i remember my question about cva,tb,airborne,droplet,contact precaution... asterixis-flapping trmors,,OB- bout decelerations.. the peak n durations,, insulin prep,dawns n somogyi effect in DM,, i didnt read so much in saunders i rely in my notes in urc,sir tim concepcion pathophysio n excel review notes from US notes.. N more prayers,novena.... tnk god finally i passed..
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    I didnt understand everything that you posted but congrats to you!!!
  6. by   bethany711
    i took my nclex-rn exam last april 21,2009 and finished the 265 questions. im so worried coz i answered the last question incorrectly. is it true if you answred the last question incorrectly, you fail the exam???? I got a lot of SATA, 10 i think, 3 calculations, 1 drag and drop, lots of meds and prioritztion..pls help me.. im so anxious with the result......huhuhuhuhu
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    We have had many members post they knew they got the last question wrong and still passed. All you can do is hang in there and wait for results Good luck
  8. by   bethany711
    thanks silverdragon. i really hope and pray that i passed.