applying for licensure in nevada

  1. hi! how can i get the application form from nevada BON if I am applying for licensure? i am from the philippines. i already visited their website, and it looks like the request for application forms there are only for those who reside in the US. and actually it's a friend of mine who's planning to apply there. thanks a lot!
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  3. by   kitnaw
    hI Nevada BON requires a Credentials Evaluation Services from CGFNS. Your friend needs to apply first at CGFNS for CES. The forms for that service can be downloaded and print the forms. It compose of application for CES to be mailed to CGFNS with its corresponding fee. Then another request forms for OTR to be send it to his/her school of nursing where he/she graduated from. Lastly, a request form for license verification to be submitted at PRC if he/she is a registered nurse in the Philippines. Your friend can also send an email to Nevada Board of Nursing asking for an application packet as well their application procedures.

    I hope this info would help.
  4. by   vernice__13
    hey thanks for the info!