Anyone passed with 205 questions?? - page 2

Has anyone passed the NCLEX with 205 questions?? All the posts I see are saying they stopped at 85. I'm getting more nervous.... Read More

  1. by   stepaukob
    Two people I graduated with were in the 200's, one passed and one didn't. I don't think the amount of questions taken correlates with a passing percentage.

    When I took mine, I thought I was doing really well and went past the 75 mark, I got nervous and it felt like I was totally guessing for the next 15 questions. The machine then shut off. I wasn't sure if I passed or not but I did.
  2. by   ursurla
    I am very, very proud of us all making it to this point...It can be done1...A classmate went to 205 questions which she did not study as much because of life situations but she passed with 205 questions...It shall be done!
  3. by   soon2btesttaker
    I had 130 questions and is possible