Anyone not feel bad after taking NCLEX?

  1. It seems like everyone posts about being so scared after they took the NCLEX I was wondering if anyone felt especially good right after?

    I tend to be a little cocky about my testing skills so I was optimistic especially since my test shut off at 85. Question wise I felt pretty neutral but I was nearly positive there was no way I had done so poorly that I wouldn't have gotten a chance to answer more questions. I was anxious to get my results but I felt pretty good about things.

    Some of my really smart friends were having a spell, of course they passed, and I was kind of wondering if they really felt that bad about the exam or were just nervous about the magnitude of the whole process? One friend is super bright but a bit of a drama queen so I didn't take her whining too seriously, lol.
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  3. by   maolin
    I didn't thnk the NCLEX was as awful as I had imagined it to be. I think it was a challenging but fair assessment. I was confident in my education and preparation for the exam - I took it seriously and didn't slack off just because I test well and did well in school.

    About the 36 hour mark post test, I started to doubt myself and worry that it can't be a good thing to think the test wasn't that bad - everyone I knew was freaking out, everything I read was scary. The waiting was the worst part.
  4. by   EricJRN
    The test is designed so that the computer keeps both passers and failers at ~50% correct by adjusting the difficulty level of the questions. With a test like that, many people are bound to feel defeated, overwhelmed, and frustrated.