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just anxious here.. i took my nclex-rn March 1... wondering if anyone got their results yet.... I know it takes a while for Cali-BON to post but the wait is killing me!:o... Read More

  1. by   Hollywood RN
    it just occured to me the site does say that it's been updated each day so i'm sad again maybe only one name a day it's been updated.. lol..
  2. by   CyndieRN2007
    Quote from suzanne4
    Results are never give over the phone, because how do they know that it is really you?
    I dont know about California....But in Texas they gave out my information to a fellow classmate that hadnt recieved ATT yet-- she applied to test for NCLEX before me but I was given ATT before her.... Anyway--they told her the reason I got my ATT faster than her was because my fingerprints were clean and hers werent! When I found out she was given my personal information I was furious!
  3. by   jessi.rn
    I have taken nclex 2 times and both times it took ca bon 14 days to send me i have failed package. i hope u all have better news to share, good luck.xx
  4. by   jercy98
    Quote from suzanne4
    Not entirely correct at all. If the nurse is foreign and without a SSN#, it will be one month for the results to reach them by mail.

    Results are never give over the phone, because how do they know that it is really you?

    What is SSN#?
  5. by   Hollywood RN
    Social Security #. I don't know how that works for those out of U.S.

    Anyone have better news? Or even ANY news? I hoping there's just a delay.. even though from my experience the people I know passed and found out on the website soon after... and I heard nothing until I got the package weeks later
  6. by   suzanne4
    If the person writing the NCLEX-RN for CA does not have a SSN#, they will not see their name on the BRN website until they are actually in the US and can give the number to them. Only a letter will be sent that they have passed, and a license not issued.

    Takes 2 1/2 weeks if in the US, and about four weeks on average to receive that letter.

    This thread pertains to CA and not other states. Each state does things its own way.
  7. by   greema
    Hi everybody I took my RN nclex today April 10th . But I don't know how to check the result. I took my test thru California. I got 75 questions in the test. I am so nervous .......Please pray for me
  8. by   Hollywood RN
    i'm not sure they exact requirements.. but for most of us here in cali, with our transcripts up to date at the boards and with a social security number, we've found that most people found their name on the CA state boards site: . there's a link that says permanent license verification, and then you type in your name and if you have a license number it will be there. it has been said by those who have passed that they have found their name on the site about 2-3 days after they have taken the test (not including weekends). Good luck! keep us posted!