anybody there who's still waiting for their results thru gound mail? - page 3

I am :smackingf anxiously waiting for the mail from CA bon here at home. I wish Ca would participate on quick results. :nurse: Peers kindly raise a hand who's also dealing with centuries old... Read More

  1. by   YAJRN
    Quote from justmejaime
    congrats yajrn... r u from cali? how long does it take you to get ur results.. just really anxious if there's still a chance for me to get a good news thru mail after almost 4 weeks of waiting.. i do have a ss#... asked them if there's a problem with my file.. negative.. everthing's there. what's the holdup???
    Justmejaime = I took it last March 24 then I receive the results about for 4 weeks. Chill out. just relax. My prayers and concerns are for you.
  2. by   justmejaime
    thanks yajrn... i've been tryin to do that for almost 4 weeks now.. it's really hard.. so, r you from california or Philippines? just wonderin'.. thanks