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I know all the factual stuff about how you can't tell if you've passed or failed the NCLEX by the number of questions, but I'm just curious if anybody knows anyone who's failed with 75 questions. I... Read More

  1. by   jude11142

    I know that you are thrilled. Best of luck with your career.

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    originally posted by rachel h
    congratulations on passing! i myself just passed last week and also had 75 questions, so i know how nerve-racking it was!

    and melissa, son't worry. i went home crying because i thought i failed... i felt like i had to guess on so many questions, and when it shut off at 75 my heart dropped. but i ended up doing just fine and i'm sure you did too!
    congratulations, rachel, r.n.!
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    i just found out i passed! thank god. and thanks to all of you for being a great source of support. good luck to all, if i passed then you will too. jackie
    congratulations, jackie, r.n.!
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by jude11142

    i have to say that i wasn't an excellent student grade-wise. i got 85 questions and passed. i do know of one in our class who failed with i believe 105 questions. get this, she was always getting high 90's on her tests etc.......was so-so clinically and she failed. so, who knows. i know it's hard waiting and i think that most walk away from the nclex with a bad feeling, yet most pass. i just don't think that one can predict if they will pass on how well they did with school. just my opinion, lol.

    hang in there,

    jude, r.n., congratulations!
  6. by   cstar002
    I just took the NCLEX-RN this morning and I'm freaking out. I also only got 75 questions. I got some "answer that all that apply", one calculation and a lot of prioritizing and delegation. I tried to judge how I was doing by how hard the questions were, but that was really difficult. I couldn't tell if the question really was that hard or if it just felt that way because I didn't know the answer. Sometimes I felt like a question was really easy and I'd start to panic and then the next question would feel really hard. When I got to 75 quetions I was sitting there begging the computer not to turn off, because I didn't feel like I had been doing that well....and of course it shut off. I completely panicked. I keep checking the website even though I know that at the earliest the fast results won't be available until tomorrow or the next day. I keep thinking how stupid I will feel if I failed at 75 questions. It will mean that I scored way below the compentency line. :-( It's good to know that other people are going through the same anxiety that I am though.
  7. by   slinkeecat
    I had 75 questions... I started at 9:30 and ended my test at 10:00am I was not even aware of the time... 30 minutes on a life altering test and I just blew thru it.... I was convinced that I failed... even tho I felt good about my answers... So, my weekend was anxiety ridden.... Well, I passed!!! my liscence starts with the number "666.." OH NO!!!!! Devil numbers lol
  8. by   NurseDoom
    Well, It is amazing to hear how many people are going and have gone through what I'm going through this very moment. I took the exam yesterday. I spent the entire day reading through forums like this. I nearly fainted when I got cut off at 75, because, well, I just wasn't doing good. I know i missed at least 3...and the rest.. I have no clue. I didn't get any cardiac and several questions were on drugs that I just didn't know.
    I keep checking the Board of Nurse Examiners web page every 30 minutes for my name, and I have this sick sick feeling it just isn't going to be there.
    Does anyone know how often they update those RN verification pages?
  9. by   crazyberns
    hi i guess we're on the same boat here. i took my nclex last feb 13 and untilnow i don't have the result yet because it's california, you know they don't have this quick results thing. i'm anxious too. been checking their website every day but to no avail. my exam stopped at 75 questions too. let's just wait, see and hope for the best. hi nursedoom, did you get your result yet? did you pass?
  10. by   joy31
    Well.....did you pass!!!!!! I am freaking because I just don't have a clue about how I did on the test. I took it yesterday and it was not at all what I thought it would be. I did not go to school for 4 years to play games with the California board of nursing. Even if I passed, i don't see how that test proves that I am competent. 75 questions and I felt good about maybe 5 or 6, the rest, who knows?
  11. by   Pbelle
    I passed first time, had 120 questions. One of my classmates failed with 76 questions, passed the second try with 75 questions.
  12. by   joy31
    I passed!!!! 75 questions and I passed, thank God. wjoy BSN, RN
  13. by   DoulaKelly
    I just took my NCLEX-RN and I am nervous wreck! It stopped at 75 questions and after I left I thought I was going to puke! I wanted to keep going because I felt like I didn't answer enough of them right. I will update (hopefully with good news) on Friday!

    I passed! The 48 hours that I had to wait for my results were terrible, but I am so happy that I passed!
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