Anybody do ERI?

  1. My school does ERI after we finish a semester. Did anybody have thier school use ERI? If they did was it really a good predictor of NCLEX?
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  3. by   hlfpnt
    We had to do an ERI review & test at the end of every semester. At the beginning of my last semester we had to do a pretest, 40 hour review, & a posttest. All had to be passed as a requirement for graduation. The instructors say it's a good predictor, but I can't vouch for that since I haven't taken NCLEX yet. Personally, I didn't feel it was very helpful even for class.
  4. by   rnjmiranda
    Thanks for the reply. Same with my school about the pre and post test and graduation requirements. The reason I asked was because I always do pretty good on those ERI's even when I dont know some of the material on it. And like your teachers mine say that it is a good predictor, so I was wondering than that I might be ok when I take NCLEX since I have been able to pass all the ERI's they have given me even when I dont know some of the material.
  5. by   hlfpnt
    You're welcome. I did pretty good on the ERI exams, too, but since I didn't feel it helped me much (felt some of the questions were just too easy) I'm using Saunders & Suzanne's study plan for my serious NCLEX study. According to what I hear from my school I'm not looking to be able to test before the middle of October (because of the way they handle our paperwork) , so I have plenty of time to study & practice! Good luck to you!
  6. by   exitthedragon
    My school was using ATI but switched to the ERI program about 5 mods ago.
    We take a review at the end of each term and we have to pass. We go on to the next term but if we did not pass it the first time we have to retake it until we do each mod .
    Personaly I like the ATI better, but my leadership instructor says ERI is a better program due to the autio remedial software that cames with it.
    The class that just graduated has taken the NCLEX and they all passed so It seems as if it must be pretty effective.
  7. by   Dempather
    My school offered an ERI program at the end... four sessions x 8 hrs each. Good stuff - the instructors kept it interesting... they just put a question up in front of everyone and we could all crack it together, then another, and another. We got a book, too, which I didn't end up studying from (my girlfriend had and passed the first time with 75). I benefitted from Kaplan, who used a similar approach during their sessions, plus another way of reading through the problems - and all those questions online were really helpful. In the end, it's up to what you feel like you would learn best from. Saunders is a great resource, too.
  8. by   tobelpn

    Before the 3rd semester started we were told that we wud have to take the ERI assessment test and we were required to pass it in order to graduate.

    At the end of the 3rd semester we did a mock ERI assessment test and then the real ERI assessment test. Our instructor was kind enough to give us an outline of ERI assessment test. So most of us didnt have any probs passing the ERI assessment. After we passed the ERI assessment test we were told that we still have to take another ERI NCLEX-style test which wud shut off automatically if the computer thinks u passed. On this particular test some of the questions were from the ERI assessment test.

    Everybody in my class passed this test with the minimum number of questions. I felt the last ERI Nclex-style test that we took was easy.

    Everybody from my class graduated last month and we are waiting for the ATT now.
    We were tested on ERI the whole year but stiill i am using Saunders nclex-pn and kaplan ncex-pn strategies and nclex-pn answers made incredibly easy to prepare for the nclex-pn.

    My class including me were not so impressed with the ERI becos it would not give u a rationale for the questions u get wrong on the CAP test. Also the audio remedial is not so helpful. we requested our school to change the ERI but nothing was done since they had already paid for it.

    rnj miranda whats the name of ur school???
  9. by   NurseBeefcake
    My school did the ERI and we needed to pass to get our paperwork sent to the board. All except one in the class passed the ERI the first time. And all except one in our class passed the NCLEX the first time around (the one that didn't, passed the second time). The person who didn't pass the nclex the first time wasn't the same one who didn't pass the ERI. So I really don't know if it is a good predictor or not.