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As many of you know...I've taken my exam last Aug. 22 in California and I still haven't gotten my result. Tomorrow will be my 2nd week of waiting unless today is an exemption because it's labor day.... Read More

  1. by   Hopeful RN to Be
    Have a GREAT Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink2:
  2. by   echota
    I finally got my result in the mail. I failed. 3 weeks of waiting...and I still didn't pass. I'm trying to calm myself right now. I just opened the letter just 30 seconds ago...and I didn't know what to do first. Whether to call my mom, boyfriend, brother, friends, relatives... So that's why I posted here to at least let out what I'm feeling. I'm still in the state of disbelief...but this is my third time to I know what to expect already. I just don't feel like calling everybody who also waited to hear from me and tell them the bad news...sigh...

    I want to cry But it wont do anything right? I know I shouldnt feel like a failure but its hard not to when you realize that you failed. Right now I'm trying to think how I should study differently. I took Kaplan twice( paid for it twice) on my first 2 exams, then my last exam I just went over the book and the question trainer cd over and over again. I guess that didn't help. I'm now thinking of purchasing the Kaplan Q-bank to do more practice questions. What do you guys think?

    Right now I'm in disbelief and I feel lost. I feel like my prayers weren't answered. I feel like God has left me alone. I'm not blaming him or anybody. I just need to get all my frustrations out today so tomorrow I can send my reapplication again and go back to studying.

    I need to lay down and cry it all out
  3. by   parrotmom
    I am sorry you did not pas and to not have quick results is inhumane. I used the mosby's online CAT and really liked it and used the sanders to bone up on my weak areas. Good Luck on your next attempt.
  4. by   EricJRN
    I'm sorry to hear your news, Echota. I know that you are a person who has persistence and I am confident that you will make it soon!
  5. by   Hopeful RN to Be
    Hi Echota,

    I am sorry to hear it. If you want to cry then you should. This too shall pass. I am in the same position with you. I have done all of Kaplan. This time I will do Saunders as it seems like it helped many people. Have you thought of Saunders and Lippincott? I also heard that they gave more questions than Kaplan. I took Kaplan but I felt like I was going in circle and seeing the same questions over and over.

    We are here for you. Your persistence will pay off. And God is always there for you.
  6. by   DolphinRN84
    I'm so sorry you didn't pass... Don't give up though. This is only an obstacle. You can pass this test. Maybe you can try using Suzanne's study plan. The majority who use her plan pass the exam. Just a suggestion. I wish you the very best. :icon_hug:
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  7. by   Hopeful RN to Be
    Hi Lena,

    Can you share with me Suzanne's plan? I am fairly new here in this forum. People speak highly of Suzanne's plan and would like to know what it is also.

    Thank you.
  8. by   DolphinRN84
    Quote from Hopeful RN to Be
    Hi Lena,

    Can you share with me Suzanne's plan? I am fairly new here in this forum. People speak highly of Suzanne's plan and would like to know what it is also.

    Thank you.
    Hi The first thing you need to do is read the sticky at the top of this forum that says "The first tip of my new study guide" and follow its directions. Then after you've done that, PM Suzanne, the co-moderator of this forum, your email address and she will send her plan to you via email. Best of luck to you!
  9. by   Hopeful RN to Be
    Thank you Lena.
  10. by   DolphinRN84
    Quote from Hopeful RN to Be
    Thank you Lena.

    No problem And good luck!
  11. by   wilbeth
    Echota, you're not alone. I got my result today...failed. I know everything will be alright for both of us, God will help us to our next attempt. GOODLUCK & Cheer up!
  12. by   echota
    Thank you parrot, eric, hopeful, lena, and wil for your replies I'm back to studying on my weak areas according to the result and hopefully do better next time. For now I'll focus on studying and doing more questions. You guys will hear from me again in the future when I schedule my test!Take care everyone!
  13. by   blessed1702
    My deepest sympathy echota! Please do not give up- I know it's tempting but u made it through nursing school and you'll make it past the NCLEX. I don't understand why I didn't pass either, but everything is in the Lords will and time and for some of us it's just not the right time! Some of the greatest blessings come from unanswered prayers. One thing is for sure and that is God knows what is best for us even though at times we think we know it all! Prayer, Patience, Perseverance = Success!