After failing NCLEX can I send in re-test application right away?

  1. I recently failed the NCLEX and I won't be able to test again until early may which will be 6weeks. Does anyone know if while im waiting, can I go ahead and re-apply now? , (send in my $100 registration fee, pay for the test) I want to re-test right away once 6weeks have passed and not have to wait a month for my ATT to come back. Thanks
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  3. by   jessi.rn
    yes as soon as you receive your fail package u can re-apply and send in your fees, it may take them a while to get the ball rolling again. I registered as soon as i could to get it all out of the way then i could just focus on studying. good luck.xx:spin:
  4. by   FutureNurse2B
    Thanx a bunch. I will do that.
  5. by   suzanne4
    You can reapply, but you will not get the ATT until the 45 days has past. you cannot schedule a date before then.
  6. by   sdqt44
    You can reapply and they will send the ATT before the 45 days but the pearson vue website will not allow you to schedule a date before the 45 day period. I recommend you send it in as soon as possible because it takes them a good three weeks to process it.

    I just took my test for the second time on Monday and I was able to schedule my appt on the 46th day because I sent in my paperwork early.
  7. by   wdiehl
    i recently did not pass the nclex-pn and i mailed minr the same day. isnt it 45 days from the time you took your last nclex, even though it takes them 3 weeks to process the re-registration form? so maybe if the process it early you may be able to take it before the 45days. www