85 questions and passage

  1. Hello all, I just wanted to join and share just becAuse when I was studying, waiting and driving my self crazy this is the place I went to for answers and a supportive word. So I took my nclex on Nov 6th 2018, I went in so prayed up that I knew I would pass. I've never allowed myself to think about failing think about missing questions or not doing well. Now this does not mean that I was not aware that I could fail or that I would have to take the test again I just didn't allow myself the privilege of having any of those thoughts. So when I walked in I was calm and confident but still of course a little nervous because each one of us know how big this test is. And when I walked out I was still not sure if I passed but I didn't think of I failed. I decided not to do the Pearson VUE trick or look anything up I wanted 2 days of blissful ignorance. So at the 48 hours I did the Pearson VUE trick it gave me the good pop up so then I tried the quick results and found out that I passed. Just letting you guys know this because these helped me when I was waiting and study. By the way is shut off at 85 questions
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    Congrats!! I take mine tomorrow
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    Congrats - moved to NCLEX forum