77 questions on the NCLEX!

  1. I treated myself to a steak dinner last night and read the first few chapters of "The Secret" before going to bed. I feel so wierd about it because it seemed so up and down and of course I'm worried sick.

    I was devastated when I hit 75 and I saw 76...then I took a breath and decided I may be in this for the long haul...then after 77 the screen went gray. Not one new format or calculation question. I didn't know what to think. I feel uplifted by some other threads and am staying positive. Thanks.
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  3. by   tylrk0811
    Keep thinking positive. I also read some of the secret before going to bed. I went to a party on sunday night and took the exam on monday morning (PN) shut off at 85. I got results today. I passed.
  4. by   justmejaime
    When did you take the exam? i took mine thursday last week. still no results. i got 75 questions.
  5. by   ihya_fixt
    you didn't get at least one new format question?like select all...
  6. by   justmejaime
    hey ihya, still no name in the cali BON. its been 6 days already. the thing is it was just been updated today or last nyt since friday. i called them and they dont have my ss# so i have to send them a copy via fax today.. i just hope they dont post my name yet 'coz i dont have a ss# on their file, or results from my batch were not yet posted. either of those two scenarios will just be fine for me..