5th attempt & 10 months later...

  1. I can officially say I am a Registered Nurse...BOY DOES IT FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

    I tested for the 5th time this Wednesday, got 264...NOT 265 questions and left that test center feeling really confused. All these thoughts went through my mind, why didn't it go all the way? Why didn't I get any drag and drops, any EKG's, and hotspots? You know what...that doesn't matter!!! What matters is that I MADE IT!

    I DID NOT do the PVT trick this time around, I decided to wait for my official results. For the past 2 days I had been checking the BRN to see if my name would show up....2 hours ago....it did. I stood there making sure I was reading correctly...I froze, I said "I passed, huh, what?". Then it finally hit me and I started screaming! I ran inside the house yelling "I PASSED, I PASSED..." The look on my parents face,the tears that ran down those cheeks...it made me the happiest girl ever. I finally made them proud...I finally made my DAD proud. His little girl is finally an RN!!!!!

    For those that are curious as to what I did; I read Saunders 5th edition and did ATI questions along with NCLEX 4000. I also took a look at the 35 page study guide that has been going around but didn't focus on that so much.

    IT IS POSSIBLE!!! DO NOT GIVE UP!! NEVER!!!!! GO FUTURE RN's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    Congratulations Nurse!!!
  4. by   jakeroman86
    Congrats . When did you took exam? And where did you found your name on the list what website? I'm trying to find mine too . I took exam yesterday.
  5. by   ash.RN.
    Congrats! Glad you didn't give up!
  6. by   subnikki77
    Congrats!!! Perseverance works!!!
  7. by   obloom14
    Quote from jakeroman86
    Congrats . When did you took exam? And where did you found your name on the list what website? I'm trying to find mine too . I took exam yesterday.
    Thanks guys!!!
    I took it Wednesday oct 23 and found out today the 26! I checked the BRN on the breeze.
  8. by   jakeroman86
    Wow! Happy for you . I took mine yesterday and I got the good pop up!. Wonder how will i know my name on the list or BRN on the breeze? Like what you did. Can u teach me? Thanks
  9. by   jakeroman86
    Oh cheez! I took PN not RN btw.
  10. by   obloom14

    Click on this link, look under verify a license. Put in your name but make sure you click on search by personal name.

    Thanks =)))
  11. by   jakeroman86
    Thank you
  12. by   sunnychris
    Congrats!! So you didn't get any alternate format questions? That is great, so happy for you I am glad your long journey has come to a great end!
  13. by   sierrataylorrn
    I passed on my 5th try as well. I took my test 10/25/13. I did the PVT trick and go the good pop up. I truly believe I officially passed though because the other 4 times it took me to the CC page! So I believe the trick is true! YAY RN's! My mom couldn't stop crying lol! I'm still numb though until I see my name on the Michigan Board of Nursing website but until then, I will just know in the name of GOD that pop up is accurate lol!
  14. by   sierrataylorrn
    Also, if you just took your test, we might have got some of the same questions because I didn't have any EKG's , hotspots, drag downs or anything like that either. It was a weird selection of questions this time.