3rd try, any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

  1. Apart from my other thread about the difference between board exams just wondering if anyone else had any suggestions on what i should do. I have been advised to study each topic and then tape myself explaining it then critic myself on how well i teach it. Hopefully from this i will be able to store the info into my long term memory. Then sit down and do questions.

    Anyone have any thoughts, I'm willing to listen and take the advice.

    Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    I am moving this thread to the NCLEX Forum where it is more appropriate as your question deals with that licensing exam.

    How long ago did you graduate? And what did you do to prepare up until this point?

    Remember that the exam is looking for what you would do in a certain situation, not specific facts that you already learned in school and have been tested on.
    Significant differences in the two exams as far as the material covered.
  4. by   Simon1
    To Suzanne4,

    I graduated last year, the school officially ended in the beginning of august.

    Meanwhile, during that time and my first attempt at the end of october, I had to go overseas for a couple of weeks then i started studying. My school had a review course but all they did was tell you what to read from their review book. They also had practice questions but in a room with about 180 people there was just so much i could pick up. Later I read that review book about two times and practiced hundreds and hundreds of questions from various companies.

    In november my first child was born so it was a bit hectic for a while then I was referred to an online course from a friend who past her nclex using this course. As far as i know they are very well known so i signed up and tried, it took me until the end of feb when i tried and i ended up a little better but not good enough. Now a nurse from this same course is trying to help me. I was a little unsure earlier about the advice she gave but i'm going to try it i guess i don't have much choice right now or even much to lose. I'm getting a little pressure from my wife to get a full time job and study or atleast complete the exam in the next 60 days and pass, hopefully. Otherwise thats me. I was on the site and i thought i would ask for assistance if anyone had any advice to give. The nurse that is going to help me gave me the advice about the tape recorder.

    By the way this online course is also given as a live one but not in nyc where i live so that is why i also chose this course aswell as being recommended by my friend who passed. This course is an RN course however they said LPN's have used it and have been successful that is why i also had the question about the boards and their difference.