3rd time is not a charm!Don't give up if I passed nclex you can too!!!!

  1. hello nurses and nurses to be:

    just wanted to share my nclex experience with all of you. i thank god he helped because its been a helluva a ride.i have been out of nursing school since 2008 and i struggled to get through nursing school. after the 4th time i passed (thank you jesus!!!)it wasn't easy every time i finished my exam the 1st 3 times i would cry my eyes out because i thought i was a failure and how much i studied for nothing. i literally have bought every review out there but what worked for me was praying alot but alot!!! also hurst review and kaplan combined. plus memory notebook of nursing and google. multivitamins and i drank focus fast from gnc it helped me really focus on the test when i would practice, read alot of the the oh and of course allnurses.com you guys definately motivated me when i would be down on myself. it took me a little but i did it and if i can do it you can do it!!! i studied like 6 months before my test everyday for 4 to 6 hrs. any little time i had i would study. the first thing i did:
    • everyday i would write down all my lab values and memorized them s/s if they were altered like 100 times.
    • i bought the online hurst review for the core content she explains everything in such a detailed way and i love her accent!!
    • i bought the kaplan online review i memorized the decision tree i hated listening to review itself but loved the way the woman explains the questions video and i would listen to that alot. she explains everytime you have a certain question what its really asking you.i did 100 to 150 questions each day. i would use the tutorial to read all the rationales and see if i picked the correct answer. i had low scores on the kaplan trainers so don't feel discouraged.
    • memory notebook of nursing found them used and cheap on amazon.com
    • practiced on a website my math which has been my program dosagehelp.com
    • i also used another website freenursetutor.com that helped me alot and it refreshed me alot on my nursing.
    • scribd and nuralso help nursereview.org
    • nursing bullets
    • i dowloaded free android apps for nclex
    • for the medications i used exam cram that was such a help that book i would also test myself on the ending chapter tests
    after the test i was devistated because it turned off at 161 and i swore i flunked yet again! but when i got home i did the pvt trick (with my heart in my throat)and i got the good popup. i almost had a heart attack, i even came on allnurses to see if it still worked lol and today(june 24th) i paid the 8$ and found out i passed!!!! all my struggles were worth it!!before the test date june 22 2012 ;i got fired from my job 11 days before my test, my son was kicked out of summer camp and my car died the day before the test...
    so if your going through hell keep on going. the day of the test i didn't wanna go because i thought i was gonna definitely fail. but its weird with all that happening i was calm. i would listen to joel osteen in youtube. he would give me motivation and his words were so encouraging. i would pray everytime i was discouraged especially jeremiah 29:11[color=#001320]for i know the plans i have for you," declares the lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future!![color=#001320]
    if i passed this test you can too. believe in yourself even if the world doesn't!!!!if you finished nursing school you can pass the test!!! don't give up , don't pay attention to any negative people or your own negative thoughts you can do it!! i hope this is helpful. good luck and you can beat this test!!!
    now i can proudly everything was worth it!!! :heartbeat proud nurse here!!!! :d
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  3. by   Yownyown
    all your hardwork paid off! CONGRATULATIONS!
  4. by   tko27girl
  5. by   nurse671
    Congrats! Thank you for sharing your story. I love jeremiah 29:11 I say it before, in between and after my reviews esp when I use kaplan because I get frustrated with the qestions.Congrats again RN!
  6. by   zoe.ysobel
    Congratulations! thank you for sharing your story
  7. by   KitkatPRN
    I work with a great RN, she failed it 8 times !!!! And now she is a manager of a floor, and one of the best RNs in the facility !! Congrats !!!!!!!! What a great feeling !!!!!!!!!!!! I remember when I passed the NCLEX-PN in January, I'm still so happy !! RN here I come !!! Congrats agian !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heartbeat
  8. by   maaggie
    Congrats and welcome on board.
  9. by   mylittledream
    congrats well done your story really inspire me.....i failed 2 time but wanna prep differently this time .......thanks very much for sharing ur story
  10. by   Aspiring LPN-RN
  11. by   craftysari44
    Great job! CONGRATULATIONS! Now give encouragement to others that are struggling.
  12. by   newbtonursing
    I am sure that with that much dedication you will be a great nurse!
  13. by   hopefaithlove26
    Thank you for sharing your Truly inspring stories, God bless you!!
  14. by   desireepeach
    yay congrats!