3 things i can't remember

  1. Hi, maybe somebody know how to remember 12 nerves , children's reflexes and spinal cord injuries in different position.
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  3. by   The Bell Jar
    a mneumonic device to learn cranial nerves is On Old Olympus Towering Tops A Finn and German Viewed Some Hops.
    Olfactory, Optic,Oculomotor,Trochlear,Trigeminal, Abducens, Facial,Acoustic,Glossopharyngeal,Vagus,Spinal Accessory , Hypoglossal
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  4. by   mauloa
    Okay, here are the reflexes I found from my NCLEX-RN flip notes

    Babinski- when stimulating outer sole of foot from heel upward and across ball of foot toward large toe, large toe dorsiflexes and toes flare

    Blink- when startled or quick movement is made toward eye, eyelids close

    Corneal- when cornea is directly stimulated, eyelids close

    Crawl- when placed on abdomen, arms and legs make crawling motions

    Extrusion- when tongue is touched, tongue moves forward out through the lips

    Gag- when stimulating posterior pharyn, choking occurs

    Grasp- when palm or sole of foot is stimulated at base of digits, fingers/ toes flex in griplike motion

    Moro (Startle)- when startled (noise, jarring), arms extended and abduct with fingers forming a C while knees and hips flex slightly, arms return to chest in an embracing motion

    Step (Dance) - when supported under both arms with feet against firm surface, feet will make stepping movements

    Pupillary- when retina stimulated by light, pupil constricts

    Rooting- when touching cheek or lips, head turns toward touch and mouth opens in attempt to suck

    Sucking- when object touches lips or is placed in mouth, sucking is attempted

    Tonic Neck (Fencing)- when supine with head turned to one side, extremities on same side straighten and extremities on opposite side flex

    Trunk Incurvation (Galant)- when stroking infant's back alongside spine, hips move toward stimulated side