2nd try: Passed Nclex Yesterday, what worked for me!

  1. Hello all!!

    I took my nclex yesterday at 8 am. Today at 10:30 my licence number was up on the BON site!

    First off let me say I'm an atlanta, ga student. I failed the first time with 265 questions and was DEVASTATED! I had studied my butt off, cut off all my friends just so that I could pass. I used only Saunders Q&A to study.

    After I failed I went on a moping spree for about 3 days, went on a mardi gras trip to new orleans and then a week after that I started back studying. This time I started with the 2012 edition of Saunders comprehensive. What I did was took the test at the end of each chapter. If I made above 75, I went to the next chapter's test. If not I went through the content of that chapter. After I was done with the book, I used Kaplan and I SWEAR by it! Its the online tests. The questions were almost exactly what I saw on NCLEX. My grades were as follows(out of order sorry):

    NCLEX Sample Test 3: 86.7%

    Readiness 2010: 63.3%

    Question Trainer Test 6: 63%

    Question Trainer Test 5: 58%

    Question Trainer Test 4: 54%

    NCLEX Sample Test 2: 58%

    NCLEX Sample Test1: 50%

    Question Trainer Test 4: 60%

    Question Trainer Test 3: 48.0%

    Question Trainer Test 2: 57.3%

    Question Trainer Test 1: 56%

    The goal on the question trainers and the readiness test is to score at least a 60% but if you score 65% or higher, you should take the test that day or very soon! As you can see I didn't always make it to 60% but I passed the nclex in 75 questions.

    Just thought I would share my experience in hopes it would help someone out there.
    On the day of your test. Try to eat that morning. I couldnt really because I was nauseous. Dont take anything in but your ATT, keys, id, and maybe a snack. I brought a jacket which they let me wear but I had to keep it open.

    I had mostly SATA questions, some delegation, infection control, who do you see first, some drugs I've never heard of, some pictures and about 2 or 3 math questions. You know this stuff. I swear by kaplan because it's all about the questioning and knowing how to answer the questions. Once you do all those question trainers you'll be ready. The qbank questions help as well because you can make custom tests based off of your weaknesses.

    Good luck and happy testing!!!
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    CONGRATULATIONS So you didnt do QTrainer 7 & did you have EKG strips
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    how many weeks before you finished the saunders?
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    Quote from Mayjoyarceo
    Thank you!
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    Quote from RN2BEESOON
    CONGRATULATIONS So you didnt do QTrainer 7 & did you have EKG strips
    No I didn't do QT 7 and I had 1 ekg strip
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    Quote from kewl_nurse2b
    how many weeks before you finished the saunders?
    It took me about 3 or 4 days with breaks
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    I'm also taking the exam next month and I'm so anxious! I'm taking Kaplan right now and my grades are not that high. I'm worried that I won't pass since the rates will increase next month.
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    Congrats to you..