2nd time, didn't pass

  1. I am sure you all have seen quite a few of similar posts like mine. I took the nclex for the second time on 05/03/2007 and unfortunately, i didnt pass. I had 265 questions and geez, i was ridiculously drained after i got out of there. When I found out two days later, my heart felt so heavy! I seriously thought i was having an MI. I feel so depressed, embarassed, stupid, and feel like giving up. I don't know what to do. I am scared to retake the test again and have a possibility of failing it AGAIN!

    I have taken an NEC review and Hurst review and obviously didnt work, simply because I didnt have much time and focus to study since i have been working. I am planning on taking the KAPLAN review the end of May but I am not sure if it will be worth it but I am running out of options here. Can you please give me feedbacks about Kaplan live review and Kaplan books? I am planning on taking a leave of absence from work (as a nurse tech) so I can focus on studying. I think it's best. Well, sorry if this was a long one but again THANK YOU for all of your support!
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    i am sorry to hear about the result of your test. I feel you. i wasnt really fortunate with my second try. Chin up, you are'nt alone. we will soon succeed. We need to regroup ourselves and see what went wrong. try not to do the same mistakes if there is. learn and study more. See what are our options. another expensive review? or Suzanne plan? or Self review with other books and CD's available. See what works for us. I havent started reviewing again. At the moment, I am enjoying days with my family without nclex book on my hand. Sooner or later , we will fight nclex monster again. we cannot win if we arent prepared. take adeep breath... pray, be positive. try to clear our minds with worry (it is the most difficult thing to do)... we are with yah... I have been watching a movie "the last Samurai "this afternoon and I learned something from it. When the main character were fighting with a chinese samurai trainer, he always loose. his friend told him that the reason why he always loose is because he was thinking about his fear, the expectators (our family and friends in real world) & the surroundings. he needs to concentrate on the fight and think nothing else but to win and how to defeat the opponent "i think the exact words are "no mind". i think we can win this fight. although it is going to be a difficult ordeal, but with one of the tries we will make, we can do it.
    best ofluck and God bless...smile...
  4. by   am17sg05
    it is ok.things happen in time.i was able to pass on my 2nd take but you know what is the secret, FOCUS!when i took it the first time,i knew about how to prioritize(ABC) when i was reviewing but it seemed like i got distracted when i was taking it already to the point wherein i got confused on which pt. to go to 1st.you also tried to convince them that you can make it because you have gone too far with the questions.there may just be an area that you need to focus on and correct.i have gone over 200 also and i knew my mistake was the prioritizing.during my 2nd take,i learned my lesson and didn't allow myself to be confused again.just ABC and it shut down to 75.i know you can make it because you have gone far.goodluck!
  5. by   Soup Turtle
    You are Mrs. NURSE2b so you haaave to get through this!!! Maybe taking some time off will give you the ability to soak it all up this time around. I wish you luck!
  6. by   dollface99
    Mrs.Nurse2b remember chin up and focus on the task at hand. Remember everyone has trials but it's how the individual cope, and for you it should be coming out swinging at NCLEX. Mrs.Nurse2b nursing school is not easy and if you passed school the NCLEX is possible.
    I am still waiting for my results but I am not giving up either way. Stay strong, re-group, and come back armed with knowing your nursing material. Remember I can do all things with God who strenghtens me.
  7. by   buddhanah
    I will be taking my NCLEX for the third time on may 21st. I feel you. you are embarrased and scared. I think the biggest thing to remember when you are ready to take it again is to not make this test to be this big monster that you feel you can't overcome. We all learn in different ways and tests are just harder for us for some reason, it doesn't mean we are stupid. This time around i haven't really told many people when i am taking it again because i don't want them to hype it up and make me more anxious. By now you have studied the material and you know it so when you are ready just prepare by practicing questions over and over again. Review your norms like lab values because those are easily forgotten, and again don't hype this thing up. The more anxious we get the easier it is to stop focusing. Many people pass and we will too. Never give up.
  8. by   fiestygirl
    Hi. Sorry to hear about the test. Remember, it is just a test and has no indication of what kind of nurse you WILL be. You already sound like you know what you need to do (FOCUS and take some time of to study). What I noticed when I was studying for the NCLEX is that all of the practice questions I studied with were not comparable in difficulty to the ones actually on the NCLEX. I was successful but I do feel like it was greatly because of all the preparation I put in towards the HESI. The HESI book is a great, detailed review guide. And the disk has difficult, critical thinking questions...make sure you read the rationales, they teach you something every time.
  9. by   saadia_s
    sorry to hear. i passed the exam in 2nd attempt. i did saunder cd. that was very helpful for and then i did kaplan. i belive saunder cd + kaplan = pass. please donot disappoint.
  10. by   Mrs.Nurse2b
    leilah 75, it has been a while since i saw the movie but it has a good moral behind it esp. for those who feel like they are not achieving anything (like me). im sorry that you didnt pass your test also but soon we will be able to pass this! We can do it! Thanks for the support.

    For those who had posted messages thank you and if you havent passed the test and are about to take it, good luck and God bless.
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  11. by   RNKay31
    Sorry to hear you did not pass, but pick yourself up and try again, God bless
  12. by   Leilah75_RN
    yes! we can do it.... best of luck...
  13. by   diamondqueen
    I receetly graduated from a BSN program and I am preparing to take the NCLEX this summer. My best fear is that I will not pass the first time and when I read this thread I realized that I would not be alone if I had to take it again.

    My advice to you is something that I learned while taking dance lessons and preparing for a show: PRIOR PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE.

    This is what my dance instructor use to tell us girls while we were practicing for a performance. Hope this helps and Good Luck to all who are on the same path as you!!!
  14. by   Luvelyone
    Quote from diamondqueen
    i receetly graduated from a bsn program and i am preparing to take the nclex this summer. my best fear is that i will not pass the first time and when i read this thread i realized that i would not be alone if i had to take it again.

    my advice to you is something that i learned while taking dance lessons and preparing for a show: prior preparation prevents poor performance.

    this is what my dance instructor use to tell us girls while we were practicing for a performance. hope this helps and good luck to all who are on the same path as you!!!
    i agree. i am preparing to take the nclex soon and i am so nervous that i don't sleep and can hardly keep food down. what is worse for me, is that i work on the same floor as our state's board office and everyone knows me. so i am also afraid that if i fail, my entire office will know...so, we will all do fine.... i am just going to believe it!