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265! I'm going to lose my mind any minute! anyone get that same amount? :uhoh21:... Read More

  1. by   JLeigh27
    I just took my test this morning for the second time. I got 265 questions and didn't pace myself so I was rushing at the end...not good! I don't think I can go through another 6 weeks of studying if I failed. I'm stressed out and really afraid to look at my results!
  2. by   KAYBDT6
    It does not matter anymore if you pass and does matter if someone failed
  3. by   jonsky72
    i took my exam today and i finished it at 265questions. i feel bad because this is my 4th time to take the exam. i'll just leave it to God's hands..... if it doesn't work out well i'll just try again until i succeed the important thing is don't lose hope if you want to reach out for your dreams....:-(
  4. by   RUBIS
  5. by   bona1
    Getting number 265 right assures you of a pass. I read that somewhere and it applied in my case.
  6. by   Angel love
    got 265q too, dont know wht to do guyz...
  7. by   JG_nicu
    Hi everyone,

    So I wrote the NCLEX yesterday in Toronto.. and i too had the 265 question.. I am pretty sure I failed.. it was soo hard.. I had stuff that I never even heard of.. tons of meds.. tons of indection control..I came home and did the pearson vue trick.. and went to the credit card page.. I knwo I failed.. I'm looking for a miracle.. =( Will be doing the quick results tomorrow. How does the computer determine if you passed or failed with 265 questions??
  8. by   Soon2bERnurse
    I took it in November and got 265 questions....I failed! I took it again yesterdy and got 265 AGAIN!! Uhg!! But I did the PVT and got the "goog pop-up"! I am praying that it is true!! I keep refreshing the BON site like I have OCD..lol! But from what I have heard..the trick works. I do know of several people who have passed with 265 qustions and have read alot of posts that people have passed/failed with 75 too. All I know is...It would be the most wonderful Christmas present ever!! Good luck to all of you who are awaiting your results too!
  9. by   pauly26
    I took my test yesterday and i feel terrible! It was not my first time taking it. I am so discouraged. I am desperate to pass this annoying test. I felt confident about the test until they gave me dosage calculation especially the peds calculation. I know i got all of them wrong. On the bright side i think i did good towards the end of the test. I know i got the last question right. Does that make a difference when it comes to passing or failing?
  10. by   jijivinu
    congrats .... party....enjoy..
  11. by   jenny73
    I took it in December 28, 2009 with 265 questions for 5 hrs and 15 mins. I passed! Praise Jesus...
  12. by   nurseArielle
    I just took the NCLEX yesterday and got the awful 265 questions I have been so down ever since and so worried about getting my scores- this thread has made me believe that there is a chance i am going to pass because before reading this I was sure I had failed- I was wondering though- does anyone know if the rumor that if you get 265 questions that the last question is the one that determines if you pass or fail is true? I am so nervous about that because I dont think i got the last question right and im freaking out!
  13. by   glopez_22
    i took the nclex for the second time last thursday and was too afraid to check the results until today. The first time I took the test for granted and thought that since I had graduated recently (in December) I didn't need more than 2 weeks to study. My test stopped at 107 questions two and a half hours after starting it. I failed. The second time around I studied monday thru saturday for a month and a half. I prayed the whole time I was studying, during the test, and while I waited to see the results. I got all 265 questions the second time and spent all 6 hours taking the test without any breaks. I was running out of time so I rushed through the last questions. I felt unsure about most of my answers and was pretty convinced that I had failed again. I came out of the testing center crying my eyes out with everyone who asked me how it was. However, I finally checked today because I couldn't live with the burden of not knowing any longer and I found out I passed! I wanted to let those who are still in the process of passing the NCLEX know that if we made it through nursing school we can definitely PASS this test. Just remember to have faith in God and to study as much as possible. Don't take this test for granted but also, believe in yourself because that part was the hardest one for me after failing it the first time. Good luck to everyone.